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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Recent ongoing poll has Michigan ahead to win the Big Ten Championship!!

   In a recent ongoing poll provided by Bleacher Report a question was asked simply "Who will win the Big Ten'? To most critics surprise the leader is not Ohio State or Michigan State... Yes you guessed it right!! The Michigan Wolverines are taking the lead not by a little margin but by over 15%. With over 5,000 votes taken so far Michigan has rushed to the front of the pack. Is it true? Is the college football fan starting to believe in Michigan again? I think something has changed for sure. Hype train or not many can agree much improvement has taken place thus far. The Jim Harbaugh Era has truly arrived in full force!

Bleacher Report Article

Just as an added side note,

Vegas Longshot Michigan, Michigan was listed as a 500-1 longshot to win the National Championship heading into week 4. The Wolverines were moved to 60-1 after they dismantled BYU on Saturday. This is just another example of major improvement being noticed in Ann Arbor.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Michigan Defense ranked 2nd in the Nation

  After 4 weeks of game play the Michigan Wolverines have broke into the AP Top 25 at 22nd in the nation. This is the first time since 2013 when they peaked at 23rd.  But what is more important the Michigan's Defense is now  ranked 2nd in the nation in total defense.


    Many people must agree that   "Defense wins Championships".   Teams are scoring just 7.8 points per game against Michigan. Our Defense and team as a whole have been  improving each week. With the way Michigan is playing don't be surprised if we surpass everyone's expectations at the beginning of the year. 7-8 win season seems like a cake walk with the way Michigan is playing.  This is a nice start to the season D.J. Durkin and Greg Mattison have done an amazing job with this team.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Michigan ranked No. 22 in latest AP Top 25

It only took Jim Harbaugh four games to get Michigan into the AP Top 25, Wolverines check in at No. 22 after a 31-0 win over BYU. The Wolverines didn't even receive one AP vote last week.

Sunday marked the first time Michigan's been ranked in the AP Top 25 since the Wolverines were No. 23 prior to the loss at Michigan State on November 2, 2013. Ohio State and Michigan State better take Notice!!!

This is a hungry team with lots of talent. I'm looking forward to an amazing conference race. When I look back at all the haters who said Michigan was playing a cupcake Utah team  I could only laugh. I knew Utah was a great team and after the beating Oregon in a convincing manner it looks like I was right. Michigan is only one pick 6 away from being undefeated and that is a fact. Harbaugh has truly turned this team around.....

Deveon Smith goes 60 yards against BYU in a 31-0 shutout victory!!!