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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Predictions Tim Mcgrady 2012 season

As the Michigan football season is approaching, many fans and people in public eye have began to share their predictions how Michigan will finish this season. We all have to remember these predictions are just a matter of opinion since none of us can predict the future. Certainly there is an incredible buzz around Ann Arbor since January with the hiring of Brady Hoke. Unfortunately, not everyone shares in this enthusiasm for the upcoming season. So I would like to share my "opinion" about two sports writers with the Detroit Free Press, Michael Rosenberg and Drew Sharp. I will start with Mr. Rosenberg. His final regular season prediction for Michigan is 7-5. He does have Michigan finishing on a high note with a victory over Ohio St. I do find some comfort in his prediction but would like to point out where I disagree with him. Mr. Rosenberg predicts Michigan will lose to Notre Dame this season. Yes, I completely understand, Brian Kelly is in year two with his kids and this is Brady Hoke’s first year at Michigan. Notre Dame has talent, so does Michigan. The Wolverines do return 19 starters from last year’s team that went to South Bend and won. This is the first night game at home for Michigan and really don’t believe they will lose this game.
The other individual’s prediction I would like to point out would be Drew Sharp’s prediction for Michigan which is finishing 6-6. Mr. Sharp is a very recognizable writer for his bold predictions and somewhat pessimistic points of view. Although he did not make game by game predictions, Mr. Sharp was quick to point out Michigan’s short comings this season. First, he points out that teams have figured out Denard Robinson, keep hitting him and he won’t make it. My initial thought was, yes, Denard had missed time in ten games last season. But, Denard will not be asked to carry the load like he did last season. The opportunities to hit Denard will decrease significantly. My second thought was that Mr. Sharp doesn’t mention that even though teams have figured out Denard, is the Michigan coaching staff not able to adjust as well? Offensive coordinator, Al Borges has already addressed what his intentions with Denard specifically along with the rest of the offense. There will be sprinkles of spread along with power I. Mr. Sharp’s second point was the defense will be again in his words “a pushover.” I do understand that Greg Mattison did not bring Ray Lewis or Ed Reed with him. Charles Woodson is not walking through that door. Come on Mr. Sharp, you have no faith in Coach Hoke or Coach Mattison to get these kids to play above and beyond how they performed last season? So I guess it doesn’t matter who coaches this defense, it will be as bad as last season’s. WRONG!! Oh by the way, many of these kids did gain game experience last season. That should count for something. Furthermore, with the offense not being as much of a quick strike offense like last season, you won’t see the defense on the field as much.
In closing, yes all of our predictions are our opinions. We should take them with a grain of salt. In my humble opinion, I look for Michigan to be 8-4 during the regular season. Go Blue!!!

VP Matt Freemans Michigan season

As much as I would like to do the right thing and put down what I think Michigan will do, I am however going with my heart. Too many of my fellow staff members are going to be more realistic than I. At the end of this article you will see # 29 Marcus Ray's Welcome 2 The Big House (o$u diss) video!

Here are my picks

Week 1 WMU- W 34-13 Denard plays more pro type first game
Week 2 ND- W 24-21 late field goal
Week 3 EMU W 41-17 Denard runs crazy
Week 4 SDSU W 31-24 they come out stubborn for loss of coach
Week 5 Minn W 34-21 avg game
Week 6 NW W 44-38 Denard has fantastic game, but NW keeps it close because they are home
Week 7 MSU L 20-31 only because they are home but look for poss MI win if their hearts in it
Week 8 Purdue W 34-14 homecoming victory!
Week 9 Iowa L 20-34 at Iowa
Week 10 ILL W 44-34 ILL looks for payback and keeps it kinda close but they are still ILL
Week 11 NEB L 24-30 MI keeps it close, but Neb def too tough
Week 12 Ohio W 27-20 paybacks MI plays their hearts out pulls it off

Well Michigan fans there are my picks. I truly feel that they are capable of this outcome. We now have a great coach on offense, and defense. I am like most fans I can't wait till Saturday when Michigan takes the field against WMU.

Everything Michigan's Season Predictions

Not everybody can predict the future,
especially us at Everything Michigan and More. However, knowing that is not going
to stop us from trying...haha

In honor of the tens of thousands of preseason predictions, I have compiled a list of predictions from the Everything Michigan and More staff.

Just a side-note, the stated records do NOT include potential bowl games. For instance, if someone predicts 8 wins, this could move up to 9 if Michigan won its bowl game.

Joshua Henschke @JoshuaHenschke
Josh is pretty new to our staff, but has done a great job so far and is a student at the University of Michigan's Flint campus. He sees Michigan stumbling at first with losses to Notre Dame, Michigan State, Iowa, and Nebraska, but "Brady Hoke will not allow his team to lose to Ohio." This leaves Michigan at 8-4 headed to a pretty good bowl game.

Brett Willard @brettwillard
The next Everything Michigan writers seems to be following Josh's trend of 8-4 finishes. Brett has Michigan at 8-4 with losses to Notre Dame, Michigan State, Nebraska, and Ohio State. This is hardly what most Michigan fans would want, but it could be viewed as an improvement in some ways.

Scott Gromnicki @scotlarock727
Scott also predicts 8-4, and thinks we will lose against Notre Dame, Michigan State, Nebraska, and "ohio", "Which I have no doubt would not sit well with the fan base". This would possibly be the worst way the team could finish 8-4, unless of course the Nebraska loss was substituted for Eastern or Western Michigan perhaps. He points out he could make a better determination after he watches the Michigan vs Notre Dame game. Regardless, the team should still be able to go to a nice bowl game and compete for a victory.

Jeff Matthews @1maizeandblufan
Jeff predicted another 8-4 year with wins against Notre Dame and Ohio State. A fourth straight loss against Michigan
State would sting, but ending the streak against Ohio State and winning Under the Lights would probably make up for that in any fan's mind. Plus, the chance to win a decent bowl game will thrill most of the fanbase.

Thomas Beindit @sitdown248
Well, I saved the best for last...haha I think Michigan ends the season at 9-3. Brady Hoke really revitalizes this Michigan team, but he benefits more from other team's problems than Michigan's improvement. Michigan loses against Notre Dame after coming down from a halftime deficit, but ends up winning in East Lansing and shocking the nation with a win over Ohio State. Michigan also most likely loses to Nebraska and Iowa or Northwestern, but probably Iowa.

To me, I think Michigan's offense with Denard Robinson and Michael Shaw will just have too much firepower to contain for almost everyone. Along with this, I expect a big pickup on defense with more mature players, better schemes, and better skills. Finally, the special teams improvement, particularly with Matt Wile, should help the team get over the edge against many opponents.

Regardless of the predictions, we're all excited for the real thing this fall! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and let us know your picks or tweet our official twitter:

Big Ten Network Previews Legends Division

For those of you interested in getting one last blast of preseason hype, tune in tonight @ 7pm on the Big Ten Network to see their preview of the Legends Division.

Though these predictions are not always the most accurate, if you've missed some of the speculation on Michigan or the remaining 5 teams, this is a great way to catch up. For instance, teams such as Purdue have suffered an injury to their quarterback that will have a huge impact on their 2011 Big Ten hopes.

With Wisconsin's season opener on Thursday starting the season for Big Ten teams, this is the last chance to get your predictions for the coming season. Everything Michigan and More will be posting some of our predictions during the broadcast so we can see how the predictions stack up against the Big Ten Network's analysts, specifically in regards to Michigan.

Game of the week Whitmer vs A B Lucas Secondary School (London, Ontario, Canada)

Toledo Whitmer
A B Lucas Secondary School


Everything Michigan and More is pleased to announce our game of the week Toledo Whitmer with Michigan commit Chris Wormley vs A B Lucas Secondary School (London, Ontario, Canada). We will be providing video footage of this game for all our fans of the site.

Coming off a 46-6 victory over the Toledo Start Spartans in week 1 of high school play. The Whitmer Panthers of Toledo,Ohio will have there sights on there next opponent A B Lucas Secondary School (London, Ontario, Canada). This will be a great contest that we cross the boarders of the United States and Canada in International play

A.B. Lucas Secondary School is a secondary school located in the northern end of London, Ontario, Canada.
The school was named after Dr. A.B. Lucas, who was recognized for his contribution to education in London. In April, 1962, Hugh Murray became the first principal. He soon commissioned lieutenants Terry Ferris, Jim Wylie, Don Epplet, Phil Sparling, Don Carson, Charlie Belchamber, Alex Shamas, Alan Williams, Ed Hancox and Fred Hickman. During the next few months these men recruited more staff, acquired equipment and supplies and arranged programs. During the year 1962-1963 some sixty north-Londoners traveled daily to Westminster Secondary School in the west end of the city. But by September 1963 the doors were opened to the first Viking recruits in grades 9, 10, and 11. The premier of Ontario, Mr. John Robarts, officially opened the school on October 25, 1963. Lucas soon established itself among London's secondary institutions. As quickly as its classes moved on to grades 12 and 13, Lucas moved on to advanced competition in athletics and to participation in a wide spectrum of activities.

The Lucas Vikings
For 48 years Viking football has been part of a high school athletic program known for its tradition of excellence and considered one of the best in the province. Over the last decade in particular, AB Lucas has risen to become a powerhouse in high school football in the province of Ontario. Competing in the highly competitive TVRA of Southwestern Ontario the Vikings constantly field competitive teams, and have graduated two Bob Gooder Award Winners (the accolade given to the best football player in the City of London) - Dillon Carter, 2004 and David Lee, 2007. The Vikings also graduated two SPECTRA award winners, given to the top athlete in the City of London, Terrence Leeper, 2003 and Matt Bogart, 2010). CIS rosters throughout the province have former Lucas Vikings plying their trade at the university level. 2011 promises to be another exciting one for the Double Blue as they field another skilled, competitive squad in both the junior and varsity ranks.

From Whitmer's coach Joe Palka:

Lucas brings in a veteran defense that returns 7 starters.  They will present a challenge for our young offense.  Lucas is a well coached team that is physical and aggressive.  It may take some time to figure out our opponent.  We are focused on getting one day better every day this week and we are looking for continuous improvement into the game this Friday.

-Coach Palka 

Whitmer High School is a member of the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) and its football team has qualified for the state playoffs for four of the last five years. The 1986 team went undefeated and 1987 and 1988 made it to the state semi-finals. 2010 City League Football champions and Regional State Champions with a 12-2 overall record. 

One of the key players of this talented Whitmer team is 2012 Michigan commit Chris Wormley 6'5'', 255 lbs. DE. Chris should have a great day and I can't wait to see how he responds to this contest.

Another Key note in this game Springfield transfer Leroy Alexander has been cleared to play for Whitmer. He is listed as 'one-to-watch for in 2012' in football according to Scout.com. This was a huge pickup for the Panthers and could help there chances to return to the state final 4 in 2012.

This game is set for Friday night at 7pm at Whitmer Memorial stadium. Go Panthers! 


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We Have A Starter....Maybe...

In the past few days, Brady Hoke and the Michigan staff have revealed almost all of the depth chart. Some of the positions had already been solidified weeks ago, but others remained a mystery, such as corner back (Troy Woolfolk already was confirmed as a starter), the defensive line, place-kicker and most notably, running back.

With Ann Arbor.com's newest depth chart, everyone thought that almost everything had been set. However, reports have surfaced today from both the Detroit Free Press and tweeter mspeedkills that Fitz Toussaint has been receiving the first snaps during practice. This comes as a surprise since just days ago Michael Shaw seemed to have the starting running back position locked up.

This seems to show that media predictions don't always show the real events of training camp and practice. Shaw may appear to be the most capable back, but Hoke and Borges have obviously not settled on one guy and Toussaint must be doing some impressive things for them to keep him in the running for the starting position.

The Detroit Free Press has also reported, much to the shock of the public, that J.T. Floyd may actually start at cornerback. Many from the media and other groups had made it seem as if Avery was a sure lock for the position, but obviously this has not been confirmed either.

The positions that do appear "locked up" at this point seem to be the defensive line and place-kicker. From the statements from the coaching staff and media reports, it appears that Roh, Black, Martin, and Van Bergen will be on the line. This is discouraging for Will Campbell, a former 5 star recruit who is a junior at Michigan.

Matt Wile appears to be locked in for punting and kickoff duties, but it looks like Brendan Gibbons will be attempting any place kicks. Though I am not excited for Gibbons to return as the starting kicker for Michigan, you can clearly see in our exclusive kicking practice video that Gibbons has become much better.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Denard Robinson An Early Heisman Favorite

If you've been following the mass of preseason rankings and predictions, you would have seen the large amount of love the media has been giving Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson. Though he was selected Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year for 2010, he has received much scruntity from fans and select media outlets (See: Denard Robinson QB Series).

However, this year's preseason rankings have left those critics to reassess their theories. Not only has Rivals rated Denard very high on its lists, ESPN's Big Ten Blog has placed Denard at the top of many of its rating lists. Here are some of the rankings:

Denard Robinson Preseason Rankings:

However, Denard now appears at the top of one of the most prestigous lists in college football, the Heisman race. Though he finished 6th in last year's Heisman voting and as an All-American, he has not received much coverage as a potential winner of this year's Heisman trophy.

In Rivals' preseason Heisman ranking, Denard Robinson was picked at #4. It seems as if he would have been higher, but they questioned whether he could put up his amazing 328.6 total offensive yards per game under a new offense.

Though this lists hardly picks Heisman winners, (Cam Newton, the 2011 Heisman winner received almost no attention during preseason) it is still exciting for fans and shows that the "experts" and media can see some of Denard's great talent.

Cass Tech vs Farmington Hills Harrison August 27th 2011 Exclusive footage!

Jeff Matthews
Matt freeman
Driving an hour to go see a high school football game that included many division 1 prospects, including 4 UM 2012 commits and 1 UM 2013 hopeful, had to happen. Myself and fellow blogger Jeff Matthews took the time to go to see Detroit Cass Tech play against Farmington Hills Harrison. The score of the game doesn't tell the whole story. The story here is the fact: Royce was giving it 110% out there, doing everything that he possibly could to help his team win.Terry Richardson was quiet because it appeared to me that Harrison was tentative to throw his way! Mario Ojemudia was flying around the field like he owned it and Devin Funchess showed he has a great set of hands and athleticism on 31 yd td catch after sustaining an arm injury in the 1st half.

The fact that this was an early season game led to some injuries, from the normal cramping to some a little more serious like Detroit Cass Quarterback out for the season with an MCL injury. The fans of both teams showed up in force, and were more of a presence than one would normally expect of this early of a season game. Harrison showed poise, discipline and respect, while Cass showed that they had the heart, and spirit to never give up. The games score won't show the whole story here folks, and i hope that the video that we shot will show you some of that feeling. Please also check out our update post of this game link below:

Cass Tech Commits
Terry Richardson #9,
Royce Jenkins-Stone #10,
William Rembert (Buffalo Commit) #2,
Ruben Lile (Iowa Commit) #12,
Laron Taylor (Iowa Commit) #8
Harrison commits
Devin Funchess #5,
Mario Ojemudia #53,
Aaron Burbridge (Michigan State University Commit) #16

Sunday, August 28, 2011

University of Michigan Announces 2011/2012 Team Captains!

Mike Martin, #68 Featured Right.
It's official, football season is ALMOST here! Michigan has announced their team captains for the 2011/2012 season voted by their fellow teammates.

  • TE Kevin Koger
  • C David Molk
  • DL Mike Martin

This is a huge honor for these three awesome seniors, who will be missed very much after the season is over. Let's hope they can lead our boys in blue to a successful season on and off the field!

UM Weekend in review. All the weekends scores for UM sports and next weeks upcoming schedule of events.

Friday 26th 2011
W Soccer vs Duquesne W, 6-0
W Volleyball vs Marshall W, 3-0
W Volleyball at Morehead State W, 3-1
M Soccer at BGSU L 2-0

Sat 27th 2011
Field Hockey vs No 2 North Carolina L, 5-0
W Volleyball at Morehead State W, 3-0
W Volleyball at Morehead State W, 3-0

Sun 28th 2011
M Soccer at Kentucky L, 2-1
W Soccer vs DePaul W, 3-1
Field Hockey vs No 11 Wake Forest W, 2-1

This weekend was a disappointment for the Mens Soccer team, going 0-2 the team had high expectations going into the year after a final 4 appearance last year, while the Woman had some success going 2-0 now making them 3-1 for the year. The Field Hockey team went 1-1 this weekend both teams they played were nationally ranked, our field hockey team is ranked 9th in the nation. The Womans Vollyball team went 3-0 this weekend, they are ranked 24 in the nation.

This up coming week the big news is Football is starting at the Big House. We all are ready to watch Shoelace and Brady Hoke to see how they gel. We are hoping the Mens Soccer can wake up this weekend with its first home games with 2 games this weekend. The Womans soccer team plays 2 games this weekend both are away in California. The Cross Country teams M and W have an events this Friday. W Vollyball plays 2 games this weekend. The W Field Hockey team plays 2 games on the road including a game versus number 1 ranked Maryland. Good luck to all the teams. Go Blue.

Friday, Sept 2
Sport opp/event Time Coverage
M Soccer vs Butler 7:30 PM ET
W Soccer at UC Riverside 7:00 PM PT
W Cross Country vs Michigan Open 4:00 PM ET
M Cross Country vs Michigan Open 4:30 PM ET
W Volleyball at Utah Valley 7:00 PM MT
Saturday, Sept 3
Sport opp/event Time Coverage
Football vs Western Michigan 3:30 PM ET ABC
W Volleyball vs Cal Poly 10:00 AM MT
Field Hockey at Temple 12:00 PM ET
W Volleyball vs Santa Clara 4:30 PM MT
Sunday, Sept 4
Sport opp/event Time Coverage
M Soccer vs Northern Illinois 2:30 PM ET
W Soccer at Pepperdine 1:00 PM PT
Field Hockey at No 1 Maryland 1:00 PM ET

Shoelace Ranked #1 Most Explosive Player in Nation By Rivals!!

Rivals released their top-ten list of what they believe are the most explosive players in the nation. Guess who was number one? A kid we like to call Shoelace in Ann Arbor!

Rivals described Denard as follows:

"Robinson is like a time bomb: Sooner or later, he's going to explode. Each time Robinson tucks the football, opposing fans hold their breath because he always seems one step away from making a big play. Last season, his first as a full-time starter in former coach Rich Rodriguez's spread offense, Robinson had 16 runs that covered at least 20 yards and seven that exceeded 30 yards. He had at least one 20-yard gain in nine of the Wolverines' 13 games last season. He scored touchdowns on runs of 87, 72, 47, 32 and 32 yards. He also had 12 pass completions of more than 40 yards. That's more than Stanford's Andrew Luck. A big question with Robinson is how the new Michigan staff will make use of his talents."

This is a huge honor for Denard, being on top of a list that features awesome talent with the likes of Trent Richardson (RB, Alabama, #10 on list), LaMichael James (RB, Oregon, #3 on list) and Justin Blackmon (WR, Oklahoma State, #2 on list).

Let's hope Denard can live up to all the hype!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

UPDATED: Official Detroit Cass Tech vs. Farmington Hills Harrison Game Update Post

UPDATE: Harrison defeats Cass Tech 43-7, Cass Tech's senior QB is most likely out for the season (probable MCL tear), that leaves it up to the frosh, 6-3, 175 lb. Ja-Ru Campbell.check out the game analysis below. Look for Matt Freeman's full story with footage tomorrow!

We are currently at Eastern Michigan's Rynearson's Stadium to watch Michigan commits in action. Harrison features 3 star DE Mario Ojemudia and 3 star TE Devin Funchess. Cass Tech also features two commits in 4 star LB Royce Jenkins-Stone and 4 Star DB Terry Richardson. Tech also features 2013 OL target David Dawson.

Stay right here for quarter-by-quarter analysis and anything we see as news worthy. We will update this post regularly.

Also stay tuned for the official game story by Matt Freeman with amazing footage you will want to come back and see!

First Quarter: 7-0 Harrison Leads
  • Cass Tech student section is three times larger than Harrison, packed house!
  • Cass Tech will kick off to start the game
  • Cass Tech opens the game with a sack of Jake Vento on the first play, Bradon Berry tackles Vento for a five yards loss
  • Reminder that Cass Tech three-star ATH Ruben Lile will announce his commitment following tonight's game. , ,
  • Cass Tech Will White recovers fumble 
  • Harrison QB Jake Vento's short pass good for TD. Harrison 7-0 over Cass Tech. 3:29 remaining in first quarter. 
  • Cass Tech QB Biscoe throws pick to Devin Funchess (Michigan commit). 
  • Michigan LB commit Royce Jenkins-Stone with TFL to end 1st quarter. 7-0  Harrison leads. 
  • Cass Tech-Harrison Stats: Funchess INT. Jenkins-Stone 2 tkl, 3 carries 2 yds. Coleman 2 rec, 19 yds
    Second Quarter: 29-0 Harrison leads
    • Harrison leads Cass Tech 15-0 with 11:48 left in 2nd. Funchess has been a star, including an INT
    • Mario Ojemudia with QB pressure forcing three and out.
    • Royce Jenkins-Stone has been quiet so far, two total tackles
    • Funchess looks to be injured, looks to be elbow
    • 21-0 Harrison
    • Aaron Burbridge (MSU commit) and Terry Richardson (UM commit) are very competitive when matched up together.
    • Ojemudia with a tackle for loss on Cass Tech RB. He looks very quick! 22-0 Harrison
    • Cass Tech looks very sloppy. 
    • Cass Tech Freshman back-up QB warming up.
    • 29-0 Harrison leads. Crowd filing out.
    • Richardson (UM commit) has had nice kick returns 
    • Ojemudia recovers blocked Cass Tech punt. 
    • Cass Tech Jourdan Lewis (Toledo offer) with the interception
    • Funchess injury not serious, was back in before the half ended. 
    • Ojemudia with big hit on quarterback, Brady Hoke would be pleased. Did not get the sack.
    • Botched snap by Cass Tech. 3rd & 35.
    • Halftime: 29-0 Harrison. 
    • The buzz around Mario Ojemudia (3 tkl, 2 TFL, 2 QB hurries, FR) is growing. Been really fast off the line, impressive first half. 
    • Funchess: 1 rec, 13 yards, INT.
    • Jenkins-Stone: 4 carries, 4 yards; 4 tackles. 
    • Richardson: 1 KR, 25 yards; 1 rec, 13 yards; 1 tackle.
    • Harrison is 4-5 from the redzone, Cass Tech has not gotten there. Harrison has 15 first downs, Cass Tech with five.
    Third Quarter: 43-0 Harrison leads
    • Harrison interception, fumbled, then recovered by Harrison.
    • Cass Tech offensive coordinator angry after the pick. Pushes over the water cups.
    • Add another QB hurry for Ojemudia, abusing Cass Tech offensive line all night long.
    • Terry Richardson (UM commit) is down. Trainers looking at him.
    • Richardson limps off field on his own power. Good sign.
    • Devin Funchess (UM commit) catches a 31 yard TD grab. 3 catches, 70 yards. 36-0 Harrison.
    • Running clock rules applies to third quarter now.
    • Terry Richardson still sitting on the bench.
    • Cass Tech freshman back-up QB Jayru Campbell in game after starter goes down.
    • Campbell making plays with arms and legs. Injuring two players on his own. Gives CT crowd something to cheer about.
    Fourth Quarter: 43-7 Final

    • Cass Tech finally reaches the red zone, for the first time today.
    • Shane Morris (2013 Michigan commit) tweet: Cass Tech Freshman QB just injured 3 D1 football players on 1 play hahaa
    • Matt Freeman with footage of Mario Ojemudia being carried off field by team with possible cramps and the team dropped him on the sideline. Check back tomorrow for footage!
    • 43-0 Harrison. The mercy clock is rolling at the five-minute mark.
    • Ojemudia stats thus far: 6 QB hurries, 4 tackles, 3 TFL, FR, 1/2 SK
    • Jayru Campbell with a touchdown pass to finally put Cass Tech on the board. 43-7
    • Final here at Rynearson Stadium: 43-7
    • Our thoughts: Ojemudia looks AWESOME! Funchess was solid. Richardson struggled and Royce was quiet tonight.
    Check back tomorrow for the full game story and footage by Matt Freeman!

      AD Announces College Gameday Location

      Well, the announcement everybody's been excited to hear came out today. Though fans and the media knew College Gameday, an ESPN broadcast, would be appearing on Michigan's campus for the game against Notre Dame, commonly referred to as Under the Lights, an exact location had yet to be named.

      The official announcement, here, stated that the broadcast will take place on Ingalls Mall on the Central Campus. For those of you unfamiliar with campus, this is located right by the "Diag" which is considered the center of campus. Here's a link to the Google Map location of Ingalls Mall.

      The location was recently used by SportsNation when they broadcast from Ann Arbor in the fall of 2010. The site features a scenic view of campus and stables such as Burton Tower (the Bell
      Tower), the Michigan League (first woman's dorm on campus), the Graduate Library, Angell Hall, and Rackham.

      For those of you planning on attending this broadcast, or simply viewing from home, make sure to check out the scenery (not just the fans haha) because you are sure to get some beautiful views of central campus. Many people often forget about the university's academic and scenic values because of its intense national athletic presence.

      For more information on the game and the events leading up to the face off with Notre Dame, click here:

      UM Mens Soccer fizzles in first game

      Luca Schioppa

      In a stunning upset the Bowling Green Falcons defeated the 9th ranked Michigan Wolverines 2-0. Bowling Green was faster for much of the game, beating the Wolverines to the ball. This did not lead to any scoring in the first half, but that and the fact that Michigan's Dylan Mencia got a red card early in the second half of the game didn't help Michigans chances. The high or low points were goals by Ryan Snashall and Danny Baraldi. Michigan had 2 other cards in the game, yellow cards to Ezekiel Harris and Kofi Opare. I hope that they play better Sunday at 7pm in Kentucky. Go Blue!!!

      Adam Grinwis Michgians Keeper.

      Michgan has the Ball during the game with BGSU

      Another Michigan Corner kick vs BGSU.

      Michigan Corner Kick versus BGSU.

      Michigan vs BGSU.

      Scoreboard after the game

      Friday, August 26, 2011

      Brady Hoke Releases Depth Charts Details For 2011 Season

      Though most teams with the majority of its starters returning would have little controversy on its depth chart, Michigan's 2011 roster remains distinct. Though positions such as quarterback and wide receiver may be solidified, many other positions have no clear leader and several competing athletes.

      The Detroit Free Press reported that Brady Hoke released several details regarding the depth chart today. Here are some of the releases:

      • Thomas Gordon will start at safety alongside Kovacs
      • Woolfolk will start at corner-back, but the other corner-back position is still undetermined
      • The WILL LB position is not determined. Mike Jones, Desmond Morgan, and Hawthorne will compete for this spot.
      • Matt Wile will play for kickoffs and will punt (at least for the first 4 games as Will Hagerup was suspended, detailed in this post: 2011 Suspensions)
      • No set field goal kicker at this point. (See exclusive kicking practice here: 2011 Michigan Kicking Practice)
      • Jeremy Gallon and Drew Dileo will return punts
      • Jeremy Gallon and Vincent Smith will return kickoffs
      Though most of these announcements were expected, several of them are a little surprising, including Gordon starting at safety. Also, the failure to secure a starting placekicker remains a concern for the season opener against Western Michigan.

      Let's hope this is settled in the coming week and that the controversy is not due to a lack of good candidates, but too many!

      UM Mens Soccer first game tonight.

      Soccer fans: Tonight at 6pm the nationally ranked Wolverine Men's Soccer team takes on the Falcon's of Bowling Green State University at 6pm at Cochrane Field in Bowling Green, Ohio. The best part, it's free to attend! The 9th ranked Wolverines are coming off 17 game winning season that took them to the NCAA's final four, finishing 4th. This is the highest ranking the soccer team has had in the pre-season. Tonight is their first game of the season. Their next match is Sunday @ Kentucky at 7pm. This is the 12th year of Varsity Soccer at the University of Michigan.

      Michigan Recruits in Action Saturday!!!

      One of the biggest high school football games of the season takes place at Rynearson Stadium in Ypsilanti tomorrow night. Farmington Hills Harrison takes on Detroit Cass Tech in a game that features 7 players already committed to Division 1 college football programs next year. Michigan has grabbed 4 of those 7 commitments. Harrison features 3 star DE Mario Ojemudia and 3 star TE Devin Funchess. Cass Tech also features 2 in 4 star LB Royce Jenkins-Stone and 4 Star DB Terry Richardson. Cass Tech also has 2013 OL David Dawson that UM has its eyes on. Kickoff is scheduled for 8pm. If you cant make it to the game then check back here later this weekend because we will have our own video footage of the game featuring the UM recruits.

      Denard Robinson Ranked #2 Player in Big Ten By ESPN

      Earlier this week, I posted about the positive reviews many Big Ten teams, and particularly Michigan, have been receiving from the media. For the earlier post about Rivals and ESPN's Big Ten rankings you can go here:

      Now, back to Denard Robinson. He was primarily selected off "past performance and potential impact in 2011." Clearly, Denard Robinson had an a-maize-ing 2010. He set numerous records including most rushing yards for a quarterback in the FBS history.

      There is no doubt that much of Michigan's improvement in 2010 can be linked to Robinson's emergence as the starting quarterback. For instance, in a tight contest against Notre Dame, his 502 total yards, yes I said 502 total yards, took control of the game and turned the tide for the maize and blue.

      He was an early Heisman favorite and although his performance slipped in some of the later games in the season, he still performed well finishing at 6th in the Heisman voting. We look forward to some great things from Denard in 2011 and perhaps he can move up to the #1 spot for 2012!

      For ESPN's review of Denard, click here:

      Also, we had a great earlier series capturing Denard's performance as quarterback last season and addressing whether he really should be considered a legitimate quarterback:

      Thursday, August 25, 2011

      ESPN Releases Ohio All-State Football Team

      ESPN released their annual state-by-state analysis of the best recruits to come out of a certain state. This edition covers all-state honors for Ohio, which features five Michigan recruits.

      On the first team offense, five-star lineman Kyle Kalis holds the spot as the best lineman in the state. Also, Michigan target Bri'Onte Dunn is featured as a first team halfback as well.

      The first team defense is where most of our recruits are shown, and especially where the talent is needed as well! Tom Strobel (DL), Chris Wormley (DL), Joe Bolden (LB) and Jarrod Wilson (DB) round off the honors for their positions. Also featured is DL Adolphus Washington, a target of Michigan, but rumored to be committing to Ohio State this week.

      For more on this story please visit ESPN link below:

      Michigan To Face Appalachian State In 2014

      Well, if there was anyway to torture the Michigan fan base, scheduling Appalachian State would qualify. In Michigan's 2007 match up with Appalachian State, commonly referred to as "The Horror," Michigan suffered under one of the greatest upsets of all-time.

      Michigan entered the game ranked #5 in both the AP and Coach's poll, but Michigan ended up falling to the Mountaineers. This was the first time a Division I FCS team had ever defeated a ranked Division I FBS team.

      Though many credit the loss to Michigan "shooting itself in the foot," there is no doubt that it truly was a horrific event for the fan base. Adding them to the 2014 schedule in the home opener (same scheduling slot as in 2007) will surely give fans a reminded of that dreadful day.

      The Detroit Free Press reported the story earlier this afternoon and I think fan reaction will be interesting. One tweeter (username Hail2MI) even stated, "I can't tell if (people) are scared of (Appalachian State) or are convinced they're much lower grade than the Eastern/Westerns of the world."

      We may not know how this game will end, but I'm surely Michigan will be fired up to repay the Mountaineers for their upset in 2007. Let's hope Michigan proves it.

      UPDATED: Five-Star DE Adolphus Washington Commits... To Ohio or Not!

      Adolphus Washington
      It was bound to happen. Ohio would get us back eventually for all the recruits we snatched from their state. Taft HS '12 five-star DE Adolphus Washington (#3 DE in the country, and considered by some to be the best player in Ohio yet to commit, until today) officially commits to Ohio today according to Bucknuts.
      Link below:


      UPDATE: Or did he?

      Rivals is reporting that he has not made a commitment and that a online chat is scheduled for 8pm tonight to clear the rumors up

      UPDATE 2: Washington has canceled his live chat scheduled for 8 p.m. Washington said that even though Ohio is leading for his services, a decision is not imminent. Stay tuned for further updates.

      UPDATE 3 at 9:30pm: This was just sent to me !! Please remember this is not an official release!!

      "My son is committing to Ohio State," the elder Washington said. "I'm assuming he's going to tell them tonight.

      "Adolphus called me this morning and asked me what I think about him committing. I said that was fine, I just needed to know who. He said, ‘Ohio State.’ We have a coach at Taft who has been the in-between guy because we couldn't talk to the coaches. He called me and got me on the phone with Coach (John) Peterson and Coach (Luke) Fickell and they were on speaker phone together and I told them he was ready to commit. He told me to have him call tonight or tomorrow and they'll get it done."

      Washington is being recruited heavily by Michigan, Michigan State, Alabama and many others. But, having home advantage may prove too much for the Wolverines, as it's possible they may have lost out on this stud recruit.

      As this may sting for a little bit if this is true, we still have an impressive class coming in 2012 regardless of this commitment rumor being true or not.

      Stay tuned for further updates regarding Washington's commitment status.

      Our Michigan commits Friday night Preview!

            I am so excited to announce the start of the 2011 high school football season. We will try our best to report on local news and or anything else that we can send your way that involves Michigan. I will report the finals of games throughout the season and let you know how our commits did. Tomorrow the real fun starts here in Toledo below I added a little of what my local newspaper wrote (Toledo Blade). Me and my staff will be attending many games this season so we will also be able to provide you with some original footage of every game we attend. This week we will be attending a huge game in Michigan Cass Tech vs Harrision. But I will let Matt tell you more about that in his post. Are you ready for some football? I know I am GO BLUE!

                                                                     Week 1 Preview

      Sylvania Southview vs Toledo St. Francis  * Michigan commit Allen Gant plays for Southview

      Southview was coming off a 15-0 Division II state title season in August of 2009 when coach Jim Mayzes' Cougars opened at the Glass Bowl against a St. Francis squad that had gone 5-5 in 2008.
      The Knights surprised many with a 27-8 win over Southview, launching a memorable 11-2 season. It was the final campaign for 26-year Knights coach Dick Cromwell, the City League's all-time wins leader. Cromwell was 208-85-1 at St. Francis and 251-119-2 in 34 seasons overall.
      Last season, Southview turned the tables at the Glass Bowl, rallying to a 36-22 win, spoiling the debut of Knights coach Mike Blochowski. It was the first victory of the Cougars' second 10-0 regular season in three years.

      The Knights feature five third-year starters on their offensive line, including a tight end -- a quintet that averages 6-3 and 271 pounds.
      St. Francis is one of five former CL teams which have moved to the new Three Rivers Athletic Conference.

      "It's become a rivalry real quick," Blochowski said of facing Southview. "It's a natural because we have so many kids [at St. Francis] from the Sylvania area and they have friends at Southview. They want to do well against each other because it's for bragging rights. The last two years, the team that won went on to have an outstanding season."

       Toledo Whitmer vs Toledo Start    *Michigan commit Chris Wormley plays for Whitmer

      Whitmer (12-2) -- which won its second straight City League title last year before falling 23-13 in a state semifinal loss to eventual Division I champion Lakewood St. Edward -- closed the 2010 regular season with a 33-7 win over Tremainsville Road rival Start.
      Coach Joe Palka's Panthers, preseason favorites in the new TRAC, will open at home Friday against Start, now in a non-league setting.

      Just a side note I am an ex-Panther and this Whitmer/Start game has always been huge because both schools are so close to each other. I am also friends with Chris on Facebook and the Start players have been talking alot of smack for months. I look for Chris to have a huge game to shut them up! Go Panthers

      You can read more on this story

      2011 TE Christopher Barnett leaves Michigan

      Above photo courtesy of Scout.com
      I am sorry to report 2011 TE Chris Barnett has left Michigan. Freshman tight end Chris Barnett has left the Michigan football team, an athletic department spokesman confirmed this morning.
      Barnett, a 6-foot-6, 245-pounder, was rated four stars by Rivals.com and three by Scout.com.
      Barnett was rated the No. 16 tight end in the country by Scout.com. He received offers from Alabama, Oklahoma, Arkansas, TCU and USC, among other top programs.

      Chris tweeted the following:

       Christopher Barnett 

      Wednesday, August 24, 2011

      Marcus Ray Posts Ohio Diss on Youtube!

      No one is safe in this song. Ray disses pretty much the entire Big Ten (excluding Nebraska for obvious reasons).  But the best of them all comes at the last few bars of the song:

      I take pride when I bury Grey Guys
      And I'm the real reason Cooper got hired
      Ya'll lucky I wasn't there when Tressel got hired!

      And boy is this true! Marcus Ray had a knack of DESTROYING Ohio receivers back in the day, he also destroys Ohio presently with this song.

      You can purchase Marcus' single on iTunes here, and embedded below is the video Marcus posted on YouTube today with the lyrics to his song.

      Go Blue!

      You can also support Marcus by purchasing his book, Rays of Light, Vol. 1: "Let There Be Light", here. All copies are personally autographed by Ray. Also, look for his other book titled 1997: Making Of A Champion coming soon! Details on his career with the Wolverines and other contributions are also highlighted in this blog post by Matt Freeman.

      Fantasy Football Challenge

      This is my official post for our fantasy football challenge! If you would like to take part please send me the name of your team and your email address to scottgromnicki@yahoo.com. I will be picking a few lucky fans of our site to go head to head with our staff this season.  Make sure you have the time to do it if I sign you up. It is a 12 man league.  This is a customized league. A couple of changes I have made First we will have an auction waiver system with a 100 budget for the season. Highest bid wins waiver. This will be tricky so don't spend all your cash early. And 2nd I have added the the new trading feature which will allow trading your picks for players if you would like. This is just like the NFL. It goes like this you may end up with the 1# pick for instance You can trade it away to anyone that wants that pick for his 3rd and 4th pick or what ever he is willing to trade. This is a great new feature and should be lots of fun. Winner will receive one of of new OLIEO Tee shirts about to be released!
      Draft: Snake
      Date: Mon, Aug 29, 2011

      Time: 9:15 PM ET 
      The league will be on Espn link below

      Copyright ©2011 ESPN Internet Ventures. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and Safety Information/Your California Privacy Rights are applicable to this site.Officially Licensed Product of NFL PLAYERS. Visit www.nflplayers.com.

      Tuesday, August 23, 2011

      Everything Michigan Goes To Facebook and Twitter

      Hey everyone, we've recently been working a lot on streamlining and perfecting our coverage of "Everything Michigan and More." The first changes we've decided to make are to create official Facebook and Twitter pages!

      We feel this is a great way to send instant updates without the difficulty of navigating to our website or to one of our author's twitters. So over the remainder of the preseason (it's finally almost opening day!) you can follow our Twitter and like our Facebook page to get instant updates and information regarding Michigan.

      Here are the links:

      The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Legend in Progress..

      Hello everyone! I would like to take this opportunity and say that I am the newest contributor of the Everything Michigan and More team! It is GREAT to be here.

      My name is Josh, I am 21 years old and I am currently studying at the University of Michigan pursuing a degree in journalism. I was born in Adelaide, Australia and moved to the States when I was 10. The University of Michigan was my first passion that I acquired shortly after moving to this country, a passion that hasn't wavered .To say that I am an obsessive Wolverine fan would be an understatement. I live through the University of Michigan, especially in the athletic program. I am obsessed with everything that has to do with football. I have a sense of pride knowing that I am part of a family that stretches nationally and globally and I hold that fact very close to my heart. One day I hope my crazy journey leads me to Ann Arbor. Where I can cover Michigan football and bask in the rich tradition that this school has held for such a long time. You can find me on Facebook and make sure to follow me on Twitter (@JoshuaHenschke). GO BLUE! One more thing.. Ohio sucks!

      Preview In Brief: Week One vs. Western Michigan

      ANN ARBOR, MICH. - The 2011-2012 campaign is almost upon us and Michigan Wolverines head coach Brady Hoke can finally put all the talking to rest and let his players do the talking by playing the game of football. Hoke's first test is welcoming the Western Michigan Broncos in to Ann Arbor, and here's to hoping that is the only test Hoke will see during the game's entirety. Michigan has always had success against MAC opponents by holding a record of 25-1 lifetime. Western brings to the table a strong passing attack that is looking to challenge the Wolverines, the passing game and other points of interest are previewed below:

      Alex Carder

      Western will be lead by Junior quarterback Alex Carder, who had a surprising Sophomore year with over 3000 passing yards, 30 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. Carder also lead the Bronco's to the 16th best passing attack in the nation. Carder threw for a season high 372 yards against Akron last year. Look for Carder to take advantage of and to try and test the Wolverine's young secondary.

      Tevin Drake
      Running Backs:
      Western Michigan brings in a lousy running tandem of Sophomores Tevin Drake and Brian Fields. Who in total, ranked 93rd in the nation in rushing. Statistically, both Drake and Fields are almost even. Drake was the teams leading rusher with 405 yards and four touchdowns. Fields finished with 362 yards rushing and three touchdowns. The Wolverines should take advantage of this weak running game fairly easily, with a new scheme and a better choice of coach (Greg Mattison) look for the Wolverines to shut down the running back tandem early with the aid of the noisy Big House crowd.

      Jordan White
      By losing Juan Nunez to the NFL the Bronco's are down to one solid receiver, Senior Jordan White. White caught 94 passes for 1300 yards and ten touchdowns. White averaged about 15 yards per catch. Watch out for the Carder-White tandem, as this may be the only legitimate threat the Michigan secondary may face. The Broncos have had a recent history of sending talented wide receivers to the NFL (See: Nunez and Greg Jennings.) So the WMU coaching staff must be doing something right.

      Allowing 23.8 points per game average, the Bronco's were a middle of the pack defense, ranking number 52nd in points allowed, 73rd in yards per game, 76th in rush yards per game and 34th in sacks per game. With their best backfield player (Dex Jones) gone, Western is looking for someone to step up and be a leader for this defense. Watch out for the attempts of the Broncos defensive line to overpower the Wolverine's offensive line. Western returns all top seven contributors from the defense, that is a lot of experience between them. Expect to hear lineman Paul Hazel's name being called early and often. Hazel is a defensive play maker who had a team leading eight sacks last season.

      The Outcome?:
      At the end of the day, this is a MAC school that Michigan will be playing against. The only item of concern Michigan needs to focus on and get right is special teams, with an emphasis on FIELD GOALS! Our third or fourth tier recruits (heck, even walkons) equal to starting talent in a MAC school. Denard will be his usual self and take control of this football game, we have talent from the likes of Roundtree, Hemingway, Shaw, Smith, Martin, Woolfolk and Roh. Michigan is just too over powering on paper and with the overall talent of the roster. Michigan will prove to be a well coached, and high discipline team that will show the strength and toughness Hoke has been stressing all off-season long. The team will be riding high to show Hoke, and the Michigan faithful just how far behind they have left the previous coaching regime. 35-10 final.