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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Predictions Tim Mcgrady 2012 season

As the Michigan football season is approaching, many fans and people in public eye have began to share their predictions how Michigan will finish this season. We all have to remember these predictions are just a matter of opinion since none of us can predict the future. Certainly there is an incredible buzz around Ann Arbor since January with the hiring of Brady Hoke. Unfortunately, not everyone shares in this enthusiasm for the upcoming season. So I would like to share my "opinion" about two sports writers with the Detroit Free Press, Michael Rosenberg and Drew Sharp. I will start with Mr. Rosenberg. His final regular season prediction for Michigan is 7-5. He does have Michigan finishing on a high note with a victory over Ohio St. I do find some comfort in his prediction but would like to point out where I disagree with him. Mr. Rosenberg predicts Michigan will lose to Notre Dame this season. Yes, I completely understand, Brian Kelly is in year two with his kids and this is Brady Hoke’s first year at Michigan. Notre Dame has talent, so does Michigan. The Wolverines do return 19 starters from last year’s team that went to South Bend and won. This is the first night game at home for Michigan and really don’t believe they will lose this game.
The other individual’s prediction I would like to point out would be Drew Sharp’s prediction for Michigan which is finishing 6-6. Mr. Sharp is a very recognizable writer for his bold predictions and somewhat pessimistic points of view. Although he did not make game by game predictions, Mr. Sharp was quick to point out Michigan’s short comings this season. First, he points out that teams have figured out Denard Robinson, keep hitting him and he won’t make it. My initial thought was, yes, Denard had missed time in ten games last season. But, Denard will not be asked to carry the load like he did last season. The opportunities to hit Denard will decrease significantly. My second thought was that Mr. Sharp doesn’t mention that even though teams have figured out Denard, is the Michigan coaching staff not able to adjust as well? Offensive coordinator, Al Borges has already addressed what his intentions with Denard specifically along with the rest of the offense. There will be sprinkles of spread along with power I. Mr. Sharp’s second point was the defense will be again in his words “a pushover.” I do understand that Greg Mattison did not bring Ray Lewis or Ed Reed with him. Charles Woodson is not walking through that door. Come on Mr. Sharp, you have no faith in Coach Hoke or Coach Mattison to get these kids to play above and beyond how they performed last season? So I guess it doesn’t matter who coaches this defense, it will be as bad as last season’s. WRONG!! Oh by the way, many of these kids did gain game experience last season. That should count for something. Furthermore, with the offense not being as much of a quick strike offense like last season, you won’t see the defense on the field as much.
In closing, yes all of our predictions are our opinions. We should take them with a grain of salt. In my humble opinion, I look for Michigan to be 8-4 during the regular season. Go Blue!!!