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Monday, August 29, 2011

Denard Robinson An Early Heisman Favorite

If you've been following the mass of preseason rankings and predictions, you would have seen the large amount of love the media has been giving Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson. Though he was selected Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year for 2010, he has received much scruntity from fans and select media outlets (See: Denard Robinson QB Series).

However, this year's preseason rankings have left those critics to reassess their theories. Not only has Rivals rated Denard very high on its lists, ESPN's Big Ten Blog has placed Denard at the top of many of its rating lists. Here are some of the rankings:

Denard Robinson Preseason Rankings:

However, Denard now appears at the top of one of the most prestigous lists in college football, the Heisman race. Though he finished 6th in last year's Heisman voting and as an All-American, he has not received much coverage as a potential winner of this year's Heisman trophy.

In Rivals' preseason Heisman ranking, Denard Robinson was picked at #4. It seems as if he would have been higher, but they questioned whether he could put up his amazing 328.6 total offensive yards per game under a new offense.

Though this lists hardly picks Heisman winners, (Cam Newton, the 2011 Heisman winner received almost no attention during preseason) it is still exciting for fans and shows that the "experts" and media can see some of Denard's great talent.