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Monday, August 29, 2011

Cass Tech vs Farmington Hills Harrison August 27th 2011 Exclusive footage!

Jeff Matthews
Matt freeman
Driving an hour to go see a high school football game that included many division 1 prospects, including 4 UM 2012 commits and 1 UM 2013 hopeful, had to happen. Myself and fellow blogger Jeff Matthews took the time to go to see Detroit Cass Tech play against Farmington Hills Harrison. The score of the game doesn't tell the whole story. The story here is the fact: Royce was giving it 110% out there, doing everything that he possibly could to help his team win.Terry Richardson was quiet because it appeared to me that Harrison was tentative to throw his way! Mario Ojemudia was flying around the field like he owned it and Devin Funchess showed he has a great set of hands and athleticism on 31 yd td catch after sustaining an arm injury in the 1st half.

The fact that this was an early season game led to some injuries, from the normal cramping to some a little more serious like Detroit Cass Quarterback out for the season with an MCL injury. The fans of both teams showed up in force, and were more of a presence than one would normally expect of this early of a season game. Harrison showed poise, discipline and respect, while Cass showed that they had the heart, and spirit to never give up. The games score won't show the whole story here folks, and i hope that the video that we shot will show you some of that feeling. Please also check out our update post of this game link below:

Cass Tech Commits
Terry Richardson #9,
Royce Jenkins-Stone #10,
William Rembert (Buffalo Commit) #2,
Ruben Lile (Iowa Commit) #12,
Laron Taylor (Iowa Commit) #8
Harrison commits
Devin Funchess #5,
Mario Ojemudia #53,
Aaron Burbridge (Michigan State University Commit) #16