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Chris Wormly dominates in highschool (Exclusive video Everything Michigan and More)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chris Wormley vs Allen Gant face off in Scrimmage!

Tonight some of the staff from Everything Michigan and More (Matt Freeman,Jeff Matthews,Tim McGrady and Jason Gromnicki) had the pleasure of watching a great match up between two Michigan commits. Chris Wormley and Allen Gant! Both faced off for the first time this season at Whitmer's Memorial stadium in Toledo, Ohio at 6pm. Both teams seemed to be a little sluggish but that is to be expected in your first scrimmage of the year. I was informed the starters only played around 20 plays. This I'm sure was the decision of the coach to limit the injury factor. It appeared to me that Chris Wormley had more action in this scrimmage than Allen. Toledo Whitmer has a much deeper bench than Sylvania Southview. Because of that you did get to see more playing time from others on the Whitmer side. Sylvania seemed to play the same line up most of the night minus key players like Allen Gant.

Outside of the two great players heading to Michigan, another player stood out! Sylvania Southviews sophmore #81 Nate Hall. This kid has to be one of the best sophomores I have ever seen. Mark my words a great future waits ahead for this kid. I hope Michigan takes a look at this prospect.I have added a little footage of Nate in the video because he impressed me so much!

Because both commits did not see much playing time I did my best to capture some of the highlights of the scrimmage. I also added a little footage of Sylvania Southviews star LB and School weightlifting record holder Sr. Rylee Neil! He has been a starter for 3 years at Sylvania Southview. Rylee is a great kid with a positive attitude maybe that is why he is so successful on the field? Rylee is a master at making tackles on defense. He and Allen Gant are a great force together and fun to watch. This was an added bonus for our viewers! I hope you enjoy the video?