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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Michigan's Kicking Game with Matt Wile! video uncut!

So you want to know how our kicking game is coming along? I would say ahead of schedule! But that's my opinion! After having such a great response from my fan day video I was asked if I had anymore footage of the kickers?

Well I do! This video is everything I taped. Some footage was in the fan day video this is the uncut version so I hope you enjoy it? Matt Wile was kicking for a very long time before I started rolling the film so please keep that in mind.

I think Michigan fans can expect a major improvement in our kicking game after watching these guys for some time. Hoke from what I could also see is very focused and our kicking. He is pushing these guys as much as possible. I heard him at one point tell a kicker and I will not name who it was  " Are we to far back for you? The kicker said No! real quick. All the players seem to want to impress coach Hoke as much as they can. They all seem to be giving 100% and that is what is needed to succeed! I hope this attitude keeps up throughout the season. If so we could be in for a great year of Michigan football.    Please post this link on your facebook and Tweet to all your Michigan friends!! GO BLUE!

Make sure you don't miss my fan day video http://t.co/gfTNp4F