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Friday, September 30, 2011

On the road with 2013 Michigan Commit Shane Morris!

The Everything Michigan And More Camera Crew was on the road again this weekend. They made the trip to St. Claire Shores Mi. to watch a Detroit Catholic League showdown between 2 of the states best teams. Shane Morris and his Warren De La Salle Pilots battled Matt Godin and his Detroit Catholic Central Shamrocks in one of the best high school games I've ever attended.

Shane Morris is a 2013 Michigan quarterback commit and is from Warren, Michigan. He is 6'3" and weighs 183 lbs. Although he has no official ranking from most of the rating agencies, most assume is at least the #1 or #2 in-state prospect and 1 of the elite quarterbacks in the country for 2013.

Matt Godin is also a Michigan commit, but he is in the class of 2012 and will arrive on campus before next season. Godin is 6'6" defensive tackle weighing 270 lbs. He was rated as a 3 star recruit by Rivals, but is predicted to do big things, especially considering Michigan's lack of defensive tackle depth in the coming years.

The game went right down to the last play when De La Salle (Morris) faced a 4th down with less than 30 seconds remaining deep in Catholic Central (Godin) territory when Shane Morris couldn't connect with his receiver. Catholic Central took over on downs and ran the clock out to preserve a 14-10 victory.

Our camera crew got some great footage of the 2 UM commits battling against each other. Catholic Central also features Class of 2013 Target Wyatt Shallman. He is a RB that is 6'3" tall and 250 lbs. Check back in a few days to view the footage we captured!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Michigan Adds UMass To Its 2012 Football Schedule

After waiting a significant amount of time to solidify its 2012 schedule, Michigan has announced that it officially added UMass as the final game of the season (September 15, 2012).

Though this is probably not an exciting game for most fans, it completes what could be the most difficult schedule for Michigan in recent memory. Here's a glimpse at the 2012 schedule:

Sept 1 - Alabama (Dallas, TX)
Sept 8 - Air Force
Sept 15 - UMass
Sept 22 - @ Notre Dame
Oct 6 - @ Purdue
Oct 13 - Illinois
Oct 20 - Michigan State
Oct 27 - @ Nebraska
Nov 3 - @ Minnesota
Nov 10 - Northwestern
Nov 17 - Iowa
Nov 24 - @ Ohio State

Frankly, with away trips to Norte Dame, Nebraska, and Ohio State accompanied by a neutral site game against Alabama, one can't help but thinking that 2012 will be an uphill battle. Along with this, the home schedule presents challenges of its own. Air Force has risen to prominence and has been ranked for significant stretches over the last several years, UMass nearly beat Michigan in 2010 and has moved into the MAC, and teams like Michigan State, Illinois, and Iowa can always be challenging.

Although scheduling tough non-conference opponents in 2012 may not have been the best idea with Michigan's road schedule, most speculate it was simply a move to spur ticket sales. Before Air Force and UMass were added to the schedule (assuming 2 random MAC or FCS teams would have filled their slots), Michigan probably only had 1 truly exciting game on the home schedule (Michigan State) and 3 relatively interesting games depending on the circumstances (Iowa, Illinois, and Northwestern).

The move may have been revenue-based, but Michigan should be able to 'avenge' its near loss in 2012 to UMass and give fans the chance to enjoy one of the toughest non-conference schedules in the nation in 2012.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Denard Robinson B1G Ten Offensive Player Of The Week...Again

After piling up 293 total yards of offense last Saturday against the then undefeated San Diego State Azteks, Denard Robinson has been named Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week for the second time this season. Denard earned his first Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week honors after the comeback victory against Notre Dame in the Under the Lights game earlier this month.

Although Denard shared the award this week with Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin, it is quite impressive to be awarded this honor twice in just four weeks of game play. Denard certainly has suffered much criticism (detailed post on Denard as a quarterback: here), but since he has the highest average yards per game (NCAA doesn't count the Western game) he is sure to win some awards.

I anticipate Denard will have a tougher time winning this award down the stretch this season with some tougher defenses on the schedule, but clearly last season's Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year has utilized his talents this season.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Michigan Ranked #19 In AP Poll, But Could Move Up

Several sites including the Detroit Free Press and ESPN have now released the new NCAA Week 5 rankings and have placed Michigan at #19. This is an improvement from last week's #23 ranking. Although some of Michigan's improvement in the rankings is due to other team's failure (West Virginia and Florida State's losses moved them behind Michigan), it is still nice to see Michigan inside the top 20.

Last season, Michigan made it up to #18 before falling to the eventual Big Ten Co-Champion Michigan State team. It is very likely that Michigan will fall at some point, but after being ranked for two consecutive weeks, the analysis of rankings is bound to start.

Michigan has a pretty winnable game this Saturday (Minnesota, 1-3), but many teams above or slightly below Michigan have a tougher task on Saturday. Here are the ranked teams above Michigan with "tough" games on Saturday:

#16 South Florida @ Pitt
#14 Texas A & M @ #18 Arkansas
Northwestern @ #24 Illinois
#15 Baylor @ Kansas State
#13 Clemson @ #11 Virginia Tech
#17 Texas @ Iowa State

Obviously, two of the six games featured two ranked teams, so at least one has to fall, but of the ranked v. non-ranked match-ups listed, 3 of the 4 teams are in the receiving votes categories:

Northwestern - #34 in coach's poll
Kansas State - #31 in AP poll and coach's poll
Iowa State - #29 in AP Poll and #30 in coach's poll

The fact that these teams received votes in the polls does not mean they are going to win any of the above games, but it does seem very likely that at least 1 or 2 of the non-ranked teams in the above match-ups can pull off the upset.

Essentially, for Michigan fans, this could be a VERY good week in the rankings. If Michigan wins, which is very likely, but we don't want to jinx anything, it is quite probable that both teams above or below Michigan will fall. Even if all the ranked teams win in the above match-ups (excluding the 2 games where ranked teams have to lose), Michigan's votes should go up as the quality of non-ranked bids go down.

Obviously rankings are hard to predict, but this could be the week that sets up the season nicely for Michigan. I don't want to speculate too much or get ahead of myself, but we could see a Michigan team that could lose a game in the coming weeks and stay ranked, which is exciting. Plus we know Michigan State or Ohio State has to lose this weekend, so it can't be too bad, right? Haha Go Blue!

Michigan Doesn't Have A Quarterback

If you've been following Michigan's 2011 season or read any newspaper or fan articles, you would probably have realized there is a lot disdain regarding Denard Robinson's throwing abilities. In fact, at Michigan's last home game against San Diego State, I overheard several fans commenting on how Devin Gardner (Michigan's backup quarterback) should be thrust into the game because Michigan "doesn't have a quarterback, just a running back."

Now, I think most fans realize qb controversies and criticisms are nothing new (I actually posted a 3 part series on Denard Robinson as a qb: here), but the amount of negative criticism from both the media and Michigan "fans" (you have to question their "fan" status if they spend 4 quarters criticizing everything Michigan does) has reached a new all-time high against Denard after 4 "lackluster" games.

So, if we believe this criticism what should we think? Well, Denard has good rushing ability, but he can do NOTHING against good competition and has almost no passing ability. He also cannot last the length of a season because the rushing breaks him down physically. Now, I addressed most of these points in my Denard QB series (located here), but that was pre-season, I think that since roughly 1/3 of the season is over and the anti-Denard folks have taken over, it's appropriate to take a new analysis of his performance.

So, first let's take a quick look at his stats for 2011:

Denard Robinson
35 of 72 passes completed
48.6% completion percentage
624 passing yards
8.67 yards per attempt
6 passing tds
6 interceptions

71 rushing attempts
552 rushing yards
7.8 yards per rush
5 rushing tds

At first glance, the rushing statistics are phenomenal, but the passing seems to be a little underwhelming. Completing less than half his passes and turns it over as much as he scores through the air? Wow....that's not a good sign. However, as I noted last summer and will repeat now, going off simple stats like this is NOT the best method for determining success either on the ground or through the air. It doesn't adjust for opponent difficulty, receiver failure, or luck.

Now, it may sound like I'm making excuses, but let's take a quick look at his "horrible" completion percentage. If a quarterback completes less than half his throws he must be doing bad, right? Well....not always. Arguably, the biggest factor this season in Denard's completion percentage has been his low number of passing attempts.

Theoretically, this should have no impact on Denard's completion percentage, but as we all know, that doesn't always work in real life. The reason is because there are so many factors impacting just one completion. Offensive blocking, defensive pressure, catching by the receiver, defensive coverage, and finally the quarterback's reads and throw. For example, in the game against San Diego State, Denard made a perfect pass to Koger, but it bounced right off his hands and resulted in an incompletion. Should Denard be blamed for this? Well of course not, he didn't drop the pass, but if you simply look at the stats, you don't realize this statistical problem.

This is even more important this season for Denard beccause he has been attempting such a low number of passes. I'll just use the Notre Dame game, since they are probably Michigan's best non-conference opponent. Denard attempted 24 passes (his only game this season with at least 20 attempts). However, in Michigan State's game against Notre Dame, Kirk Cousins attempted 53 passes. Cousins and Denard are not the best quarterbacks to compare, especially in varying game situations, but Cousins still attempted more than DOUBLE the amount of passes as Denard.

However, an even better comparison is Denard 2010 and Denard 2011 against Notre Dame. In 2010, Denard had his best game of the season against Notre Dame and attempted 40 passes. This means that against the same team a year later, Denard attempted 16 fewer passes. As I said earlier, this shouldn't impact percentage, but there's no doubt that any potential mistake either from Denard or a receiver would be much more significant with fewer passing attempts. An incompletion against Notre Dame last season would have lowered his completion percentage by just 2.5%, but this season an incompletion would have lowered it 4.2%. Clearly, this makes any one mistake much more important statistically.

So Denard's completion percentage isn't a good indicator this season, but what about his touchdown to interception ratio? He has 6 tds and 6 ints, certainly this shows that he doesn't have passing ability. However, as I pointed out last summer, this is not a good stat to use when analyzing Denard. It may work for most quarterbacks, but most quarterbacks typically don't score on the ground. If you've watched Michigan, you know that many times they will opt to run Denard in the red-zone instead of going to the air just because it's more effective.

For instance, Kirk Cousins currently has a +3 ratio, meaning he scored 3 more touchdowns than interceptions. Denard would be at 0, but if you include his rushing touchdowns he ends up at a +5 ratio. Although this is not the best quarterback comparison, it does illustrate that just because Denard uses a different method to score doesn't mean it's ineffective.

So if completion percentage and td/int ratio aren't good indicators, how is Denard doing this season? Well, first, let's not forget the team is 4-0 right now. It's hard to justify switching anything, if everything has gone well to this point. Along with that, let's not forget that against Michigan's toughest non-conference opponent this season, Notre Dame, Denard won Player of the Week honors and led the team to a comeback victory, relying much on the passing game (ended with a 193.3 qb rating for the Notre Dame game).

I can't sit here and claim Denard has NFL talent passing abilities or is the next Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, but what I can say is that the anti-Denard folks have certainly been basing a lot of their claims and solutions (Devin Gardner has NEVER started a collegiate game) on questionable data.

Along with that, there seems to be this perception against rushing quarterbacks. For some reason if Denard had more passing yards than rushing it means he's a good quarterback. As far as I'm concerned, 293 total offensive yards is still 293 total offensive yards. Until it's proven that passing yards counts more than rushing, I don't see the difference.

Denard will need to improve this season, particularly passing, but let's not jump on the anti-Denard bandwagon. He's still the defending Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year who is averaging 294 total yards a game. Along with this, he has yet to leave a game because of injury (hopefully it stays this way...please!) after 4 games when he left for significant periods in almost all the first 4 games last year. I've always enjoyed watching Denard and have learned to never doubt his abilities. I say go get 'em Shoelace.

Full Summer Denard QB Series:

Part I: "Sure He Can Run, But When He Has to Throw He Can't Do Anything"
Part II: "He Can Play Well Until He Hits The Red Zone"
Part III: "You Looked Good For Five Games Against Nobody"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vincent Smith Starting At Rb? Not Quite...

Over the past several days, I have witnessed the running back speculation from preseason reappear. However, instead of a battle between Michael Shaw and Fitz Toussaint, it has centered around #2, Vincent Smith.

In fact, in an article posted by the Michigan Daily, they claim that, "Smith emerges as lead back." Although Smith certainly impressed last Saturday with his 112 rushing yards and 13.1 average per attempt, nothing has ever confirmed him as the "lead back" for Michigan.

In fact, Brady Hoke himself simply stated that "Vince has earned [the] right" to be Michigan's lead back. NEVER did he state that Vincent Smith was starting. In fact, in the article by the Michigan Daily, they admitted that the depth chart still had Shaw or Toussaint listed as the starter.

To me, this is just overblown hype from the media attempting to get hits. A story stating that Vincent Smith is in the mix to be Michigan's lead back is much less exciting than a story claiming he is the starting running back. If speculation is correct, it is very likely that Fitz Toussaint will still walk out to start the game on Saturday.

The depth chart could still certainly change, but I think the media and fans are getting a little bit ahead of themselves at this point. Remember, the last game was against Eastern Michigan. Yes, the same Eastern Michigan that was ranked as one of the worst offenses and defenses in 2010. Putting up a lot of rushing yards on the Eastern Michigan defense isn't likely to change too many aspects of the team.

Although I think Vincent Smith has a lot of talent, and may end up as the #2 running back (he already is the featured 3rd down back), I can't see him passing Toussaint anytime soon. I expect Toussaint to have a reasonable game on Saturday and remain as the starter for the foreseeable future.

Let's hope that even if Smith is chosen as the starter, which has not been done at this point, the running backs pick it up over the next several weeks.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Michigan Outranks Ohio State For First Time In Over 4 Years

Reports of the new college football rankings are surfacing and according to reports from the Detroit Free Press, the new AP pool has placed Michigan at #22 in the nation. Michigan State and Ohio State will be unranked.

This is an incredible development because Michigan has not been ranked higher than Ohio State since the pre-season poll from 2007. Along with this, Ohio State has at least by ranked since November 2004. This means that for over 6 full seasons the Buckeyes have at least been considered in the top 25 teams in the nation.

Though Michigan may be a tad overrated, fans can't help but get excited over this breaking news. I think it's very likely that Michigan State will reappear in the rankings, especially if they are able to beat Ohio State in Columbus, but as of now, Michigan is the highest ranked of the 3 schools at #22.

Along with this, the Coach's poll has Michigan at #21, but still leaves Ohio State unranked. With the Buckeye's horrible performance against Miami (Fl) last night, it's no surprise they dropped, but Michigan's massive upsurge was surprising.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Notre Dame Fan's Life Saved At The Big House

For those of you watching Saturday's night's great Under the Lights matchup, you probably felt a good amount of hostility towards Notre Dame and its fans. You may have even spurted out a couple insults when Notre Dame scored that last touchdown with about 30 seconds left in the game. However, several fans at Michigan Stadium truly showed why football is just a game.

As has been recently reported by both the Detroit Free Press and ESPN, Lee Staudacher, a Notre Dame fan, was attending Saturday's game with several of his sons, when suddenly he suffered a heart attack during the second quarter of the game.

In an extremely commendable act, several Michigan fans quickly began CPR and alerted emergency services in time for him to be transported to the nearby hospital. He even ended up being able to watch the end of the 4th quarter of the game and witnessed the Notre Dame collapse (although this seems a little risky for a man who just had a heart attack). However, I'm sure he was much happier to be recovering in the hospital than witness his team win a football game.

Personally, I just think it's fantastic to hear a story regarding a great act like this instead of some violence or hate between fan bases. We all love to beat our rivals and any other team we face, but it's just a game and it's great to witness that there are still fans out there that realize there are more important things in life.

We here at Everything Michigan hope Lee has a speedy recovery.

Note: The fans pictured are NOT those involved

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

To Rest Or Not To Rest

With the recent announcements regarding injured players Fitz Toussaint, Troy Woolfolk, and Cam Gordon, I got to thinking about injuries in relation to game time played. All three of these players have encountered at least one injury (Troy Woolfolk has suffered 3 just this season, following his season ending injury from last year), but were recently reported to be fit to play this Saturday during Brady Hoke's press conference.

So the question becomes, if these players are "fit to play," should they still receive decent playing time in this weeks match-up with Eastern Michigan? Michigan was picked by Vegas as more than a 30 point favorite when it takes to the field on Saturday, but there seems to still be an incentive to place these recently injured players back into the line-up immediately.

Some point to momentum and consistently as the reason to throw these players straight back into the lineup. This is certainly a major issue for most teams. Does the coaching staff want to risk re-injuring, or injuring, a starter in a game against a mind-boggling underdog?

To me, I think Michigan needs to find a nice balance. Because of the team's schedule in the upcoming weeks (Eastern Michigan, San Diego State, Minnesota, and Northwestern), I think there is much less risk for trouble than typical of most teams. For instance, Michigan is a heavy favorite against Eastern Michigan, but the ratio is sure to decrease in the following weeks (although Michigan should still be a decent favorite over at least San Diego State and Minnesota).
With this in mind, Eastern Michigan is probably the only game where Michigan could probably sit a good portion of its starters for an extended period and still win by a decent margin. However, if any particular starter did happen to get injured against Eastern Michigan this Saturday, the loss would not be devestating because they would very likely return by the end of this four game stretch, or before the Michigan State match-up on October 15th.

So when the starters stay in for perhaps a big too long on Saturday, or Hoke rushes some of these recently injured players back into the lineup, don't stress out too much, the potential loss to the team is relatively low considering the schedule, since starters will probably have to play for extended periods during the following weeks, but the team still maintaining a great chance at victory.

Also for great Michigan gameday updates, follow this Twitter:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Michigan State Releases Nike Pro Combat Jerseys For Michigan Game

Well, many of us thought there was a strong, negative reaction to Michigan's throwback jerseys for the Under the Lights game against Notre Dame, but the reaction to Michigan State's jerseys for the October 15th game against Michigan seems to have topped it.

The design is supposed to combine bronze in order to represent the Spartans from Ancient Greece. Though this certainly is a unique idea, these types of concepts do not always transition
well into a game jersey. For instance, at the beginning of the season, Maryland attempted to create a jersey that took elements of its state flag, but received much criticism for the "poor" design.

ESPN's Big Ten blog has even responded, stating that the new jerseys "get too far away from the traditional Michigan State look." Certainly this is true as one of Michigan State's primary school colors, white, is almost completely omitted from the uniform and replaced with bronze.

These jerseys will likely do nothing to change the elements of the Michigan v. MSU
game, but Michigan fans can certianly be thankful for the throwback jerseys in the Notre Dame game. Many fans criticized the design and wished to remain with the traditional jerseys, but Michigan State's jerseys completely abandon the school's traditional look and replace it with elements largely reminiscent of Oregon's jersey, except without the good aspects...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dave Brandon

There certainly a glaring difference between the former director of athletics Bill Martin and the current one in Dave Brandon. I have to admit, I wasn't aware Bill Martin was Michigan's athletic director until I saw the press conference with the removal of the Fab Five banners from Crisler Arena some time ago.

Mr. Martin seemed to be a very reserved man and from comments of other Michigan fans, it also seemed he was more interested in keeping the Michigan athletic department budget in the black as opposed to monitoring the success and failures of the sports teams who bring in the revenue. Dave Brandon has been the complete opposite since he has taken control over the athletic department.

When you hear him speak, he speaks with passion and values the importance of success for the athletic teams, not only on the field, but in the classroom as well. We have seen Dave Brandon in press conferences, you are able to follow him on twitter, heck, you can even email him at his email address at the university. He also takes the time to reply to fans who follow him. What a guy, huh??

Let me play devil's advocate though for a bit. Now I firmly admit I follow what goes on at Michigan more now than what I did maybe ten years ago, but I have seen Dave Brandon on TV so much over the last 18 months or so, it makes me wonder why. Going back to the firing of Rich Rod. Even with the speculation swirling in Ann Arbor leading to his dismissal, Dave Brandon squarely put himself in the spotlight of the Michigan football program. Whether this was coincidental or intentional, that is debatable.

Then, look at the hiring of Brady Hoke. At the press conference, Dave Brandon took the stage first and seemed to take an awful long time to finally introduce Brady Hoke as the new Michigan head football coach. Did Dave Brandon steal Brady's thunder?? Or is it pure coincidence?? The ultimate question, "Is Dave Brandon too visible when it comes the Michigan athletics program, and the football team in particular? In my personal opinion, I do not feel he is too involved with the athletic department from the public eye standpoint. Not everyone shares my opinion on this subject, so I thought this would be a great time to bring up the issue. Dave Brandon has a passion for Michigan as a whole, especially the football program. Brady Hoke is his guy and wants to be sure his choice was correct. As Michigan fans we all hope so too. As long as Dave Brandon lets Brady Hoke coach football and doesn't become like Jerry Jones, things will be fine.

Denard Robinson B1G Ten Offensive Player Of The Week

Although Denard Robinson threw 3 interceptions in Saturday's Under the Lights game against Notre Dame and completed only 11 passes, he was selected as the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week reports the Detroit Free Press this morning.

Though Robinson's statistics may not look superb, his fourth quarter play was very impressive. He led Michigan to 28 points in the fourth quarter for the second-biggest comeback in stadium history (17 points).

Denard ended up accounting for 446 total offensive yards (338 passing and 108 rushing), meaning that Denard was involved in almost 98.7% of all the offensive yardage. Along with this Denard ended up with 5 total touchdowns (4 passing and 1 rushing) which was Michigan's total touchdowns for the night.

Even although Denard's overall stats were not that impressive, his ability to contribute to every Michigan touchdown and 98.7% of the team's offensive yards allowed him to receive this distinct honor this week.

This is Denard's 4th Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week award and the team's first since November 8th, 2010 when Roy Roundree won the award after the team's amazing win against Illinois in triple overtime.

Denard and Michigan both still need to improve to have a chance at larger goals for this season, but it's nice to have two Big Ten players of the week after the first 2 weeks of the season (Brandon Herron was named Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week last week. Read: here).

Allen Gant 2012 Michigan commit exclusive coverage 9/9/11 Sylvania Southview vs Toledo Start


Game of the week

On Friday Sept 9th 2011 the staff of Everything Michigan and More traveled to Toledo Start to get exclusive footage of 2012 Michigan commit Allen Gant. After a very long fought game the undefeated Southview Cougars came up short and was upset by the Toledo Spartans 28-22.

After speaking with Allen's father at half time I was informed that Allen suffered from a hip pointer! In Mr. Gant's opinion Allen should not have played. Playing through injury seems to be a great quality that Allen has and I am sure that will carry with him to the next level at Michigan. I am hoping that Allen can get back to 100% this week so he can help the Cougars get back to there winning ways. Even though Sylvania lost a very close game to the Spartans of Toledo there were many positives to take away from this game. Senior Rylee Neill #33 was flying around the field once again and made several tackles and an interception. I was also very impressed with the play of #47 Jay Fisher. Jay had a solid game while having tons of support from his friends and family in the stands. It was very hard to keep the camera still sitting close to Jay's fan base!

The upset bid began early as the Spartans' Chris Towns took the opening kickoff and returned it 93 yards for a quick 7-0 lead.
While Southview (2-1) responded with a 3-yard score by Jay Fisher, the Spartans reached the end zone three more times to extend their lead to 28-6.
Chris Jones scored on a 45-yard run and finished with 110 yards rushing. Tyler Ritter added two TDs, connecting with Tyrell Jones on a four-yard pass and tallying on a seven-yard TD.
The Cougars tried to mount a rally as Austin Valdez threw touchdown passes of 22 and 32 yards to J.Q. Bowers, but the Spartans (1-2) were able to hold on for their first win of the season. Please enjoy our exclusive footage and GO BLUE!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years Later

Today marks the 10th anniversary of September 11th, the day when the United States suffered a series of terrorist attacks that took the lives of almost 3,000 Americans. Although most the Michigan faithful will likely be celebrating an amazing win over the Irish in the Big House's first ever night game, please take a moment to look back and remember.

The terrorists 10 years ago certainly shook the nation and its citizens, but we can hardly say they shook the bedrock of democracy and freedom in America. It has now been 10 years and the United States and our nation's hearts may have been blemished, but they certainly couldn't blemish our endurance and courage for the future.

Take a moment away from the enthusiasm about Michigan and remember the values September 11th showed the nation. We may have to endure horrible events, but as long as the citizens continue to pursue freedom, the nation can never fail. So enjoy the victory, but remember the significance of today and the toll it took on our country. If you live near campus, there will be a Vigil taking place tonight at 8pm.

We Have a new commitment!

RB Dymonte Thomas
They sure didn't waste any time! After the AMAZING finish to tonight's Under the Lights game against Notre Dame, prospect Dymonte Thomas committed to Michigan. Dymonte is from Ohio and played several positions in high school including running back. However, Hoke's staff has opted to recruit him as a defensive back for the 2013 recruiting class.

Though he has not officially been rated by groups such as Rivals, he will likely be considered a 4 or 5 star recruit, making this a huge pickup for the Wolverines.

Dymonte also has a very athletic family.
His cousin, Bri'onte Dunn, who is an Ohio State commit (right now), is also rated as a 4 or 5 star recruit. Dunn is being recruited as a running back, and is still rumored to be considering Michigan for college. With the verbal from Thomas, it will be interesting if he can provide the necessary persuasion to bring Dunn to Ann Arbor.

There will very likely be more recruiting developments to come not only from Dymont Thomas and Bri'onte Dunn, but from the numerous other recruits who visted campus for Under the Lights. Stayed tuned for all the updates.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Je'Ron Stokes Finds A Home At Bowling Green

The Toledo Blade has just reported that Je'Ron Stokes has set up his transfer to Bowling Green. We originally reported Stokes had decided to leave Michigan last August and left a hole for Michigan at wide receiver.

Though he only had 1 catch last season, the loss was significant because of Stonum's suspension for all of this year. He originally signed his letter of intent for Rich Rodriguez and had been rated as a 4 star recruit by Rivals.

The transfer to Bowling Green is not a big surprise since Stoke's brother is already a quarterback at Bowling Green. Stokes stated that he felt it would be a "smooth transition" to his new school although he will be required to sit out this season because of his transfer. He will have two years left to play at Bowling Green after sitting out this year.

Though I'm sure most fans would like to still see him in the maize and blue, we can only wish him the best of luck with his new team and family members. Perhaps he can do big things in the MAC and potentially make it to the NFL.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Notre Dame Loses... So What?

Like many of you may have done, I spent the remnants of my Saturday watching Notre Dame in their game against South Florida in South Bend. Though there were some clear similarities to Michigan's Saturday game, (both suffered several rain delays) I still think that most of the nation was surprised at the outcome.

Notre Dame entered as #16 in the country and was hailed by many as a potential BCS or National Championship team. However, what we saw early was the complete opposite. Though Notre Dame's statistics may cloud judgment on their play, there is no question that they looked undisciplined and consistently "shot themselves in the foot."

I guess what I'm trying to say is that South Florida really didn't win Saturday's game, Notre Dame lost the game. Notre Dame ended with 5 turnovers (3 interceptions and 2 lost fumbles) and 8 total penalties that amounted to 73 total yards. Overcoming those deficits in any game is almost impossible. Looking at this game, Notre Dame amassed 391 passing yards and 117 rushing yards, far from a bad day.

The problem was that every time Notre Dame would begin to have success, they would make some mistake that cost them the chance to actually benefit. For instance, you can have a great 99 yard drive, but if you throw a pick 6 on the goal line, it didn't really benefit the team.

So if Notre Dame "shot themselves in the foot," what does this mean for Michigan? Should we celebrate in their immense failure or fear for their potential? Though some are going to call this simply a "bad day" for the Irish or claim the media has just boosted up Notre Dame as usual, I think we should take a more rational route.

Clearly, Notre Dame did not play like the #16 team or as a potential BCS team, but that doesn't mean they are a pushover either. Teams have bad games, and in many ways, that's what occurred on Saturday for Notre Dame. If they had corrected even 1 of those turnovers or a couple penalties, they likely win that game. However, just because they could have done something doesn't mean they will or that any difference would have been made.

For example, if you look at Michigan's season and pick things that could have went right or wrong, Michigan could have ended with 5-9 wins, but we live in reality. Notre Dame seems still incapable of putting together a banner season or winning the "big game." I simply think Michigan fans need to look at the Irish's Saturday game from an outside perspective. Sure, we want them to be thoroughly dominated this Saturday Under the Lights, but that doesn't mean that Michigan should be a huge favorite this Saturday.

Notre Dame ended last season on a hot streak that included a bowl victory and should be given at least a fair amount of respect considering they are virtually the same team. Michigan will certainly be out to win this historic match up, but the victories in 2009 and 2010 does not accurately depict the 2011 game. This will mark the 3rd different coaching match up in just 3 years for the Notre Dame - Michigan rivalry game.

As I said, get hyped for this Saturday as it marks a historic game for the Big House and Michigan football history, but remember this is no pushover opponent. They make some mistakes, but we can hardly act as if they're not talented or well coached. Let's hope they are truly outplayed and don't need to "shoot themselves in the foot" on Saturday to give Michigan a win.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Brandon Herron Named B1G Ten Defensive Player of the Week

The Detroit Free Press just reported that Brandon Herron was announced as the B1G Ten Defensive Player of the week. This comes after Herron returned an interception 94 yards for a touchdown and recovered a fumble and returned it 29 yards for another touchdown.

In fact, Herron's performance was so great that he ended up scoring more points himself than the entire Western team. Though Herron's touchdowns was largely due to help from other players (the interception was tipped and the fumble was caused by Jordan Kovacs) he still did a great job in his touchdown returns.

Herron will become the first Michigan player to win this honor since Brandon Graham earned it almost 3 years ago in September 2008. Though having a great performance in Western does not always show great things for the season, there has obviously been some change in the "feel" of this defense, as they've already scored more defensive touchdowns than all of last season and Herron received a reward that was not awarded to any Michigan player last season.

Hopefully this is a sign of the future and Greg Mattison's new defense.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Game of the week Southview vs Toledo Start Michigan commit Allan Gant Friday

The staff from Everything Michigan and More will be traveling this Friday to Toledo Start high school to get you the viewers some excellent footage of Michigan Commit Allen Gant. The staff will be getting additional footage of a senior from Allen's team Rylee Neill. Rylee plays Linebacker/Tackle on defense and fullback on offense and has not committed anywhere but is raising a few eyebrows as of late . Word on the street is Rylee was incredible force on defense! Last week he laid some bone crushing blocks as fullback. Week 2 he was player of the week with 11 tackles, a forced fumble, and a fumble recovery while playing linebacker. Rylee also holds "ALL" of the schools weight lifting records. We have been excited to watch his progress over the past 4 years. Rylee would like to play football at the next level at Arizona State University.

If you want to see the best footage of Michigan recruits and prospects stay tuned to Everything Michigan and More for the best coverage of these young stars.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Chris Wormley and Toledo Whitmer Panthers shut out Canadian team!

Chris Wormley 9/3/11
                            Game of the week 

Everything Michigan and More was at Toledo Whitmer on Friday night to watch Michigan 2012 commit Chris Wormley and the (2-0) Panther team breeze to another victory. This was a very interesting battle that matched Whitmer with a team north of the border. I was very excited to go see what kind of talent A B Lucas Secondary School (London, Ontario, Canada) could bring to the table against one of the best teams in the state of Ohio? Needless to say this game was over at halftime. Chris Wormley and the Whitmer defense was just to much for the Canadians. At one point during the 1st quarter when Lucus Secondary was about to score  Wormley shut them down with a devastating sack that almost took there quarterbacks head off. Our video shows this very clearly! This must of broke the Canadian players hearts because on one of the following plays RB Jody Webb came gunning in to block a field goal and they seemed to be dazed. Chris and Jody were not the only Panthers having a great night Springfield transfer Leroy Alexander had a good game also intercepting a pass and taking it to the house. Leroy is an outstanding player and I look for him to contribute much more as the season progresses. Coach Joe Palka has this team on the right track that is for sure! I will be looking forward to watching them all season.

Hey!!!  Kevin Koger I guess you were on the right track when you told me Whitmer will be at states this year! With only 6 points allowed this season so far they are looking like a major contender to go all the way! Everyone please enjoy our exclusive coverage of this game. And stay tuned for our next Game Of The Week! And if you did not get a chance to see our video from last week of Cass Tech and Farmington Hills Harrison check it out! There are four Michigan commits in that one. Royce Jenkins-Stone,Devin Funchess,Mario Ojemudia and Terry Richardson.

 Link below:


Jeff Matthews 9/3/11
Whitmer Memorial Stadium 9/3/11

A B Lucas Secondary 9/3/11
Toledo Whitmer 9/3/11
Toledo Whitmer 9/3/11
Everything Michigan and More staff  9/3/11

Friday, September 2, 2011

Huge basketball prospect visiting tomorrow!

Mitch McGary will be terrorizing NCAA soon and my hope is that he will land at Michigan. The 6'10", 250 pound center, who is considering offers from Michigan,Kentucky,Duke,North Carolina,Florida, and Maryland.  The 6-foot-10 McGary, who attends Brewster Academy prep school, is originally from Chesterton, Ind., which is located close to Lake Michigan. Mitch will be visiting Ann Arbor tomorrow. Mitch is considered to be the #3 prospect overall in the 2012 class. He could be a one and done for our recruiting class. He is a monster take a look at this Youtube video.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ohio States Suspends 3 More Players For Akron Game

Well, in another "surprise," Ohio State has reported more violations. Apparently 3 players received "benefits of $300 or less" in the report from CBS Sports. The players involved were Jordan Hall, Travis Howard, and Corey Brown. Hall and Howard are both starters and were expected to contribute much in the wake of the previous suspension of 4 Ohio States players (it would have been 5, but Terrelle Pryor left for the NFL).

What is most "surprising" about this announcement was that this was virtually the same violations that Jim Tressel failed to report before last football season. Ohio State is currently in the process of reporting these violations to the NCAA and receiving their punishment.

Though full details on this in regards to the previous investigation have not been released, Ohio State's self-imposed sanctions of a 1 game suspension are sure to have little impact since it is against Akron. Ohio State is listed at more than a 34 point favorite over Akron.

Let's hope that the NCAA is able to look past Ohio State's scandal and get to the facts of the investigation. If Tressel was the person to blame for the past violations, then why are they still occurring? There obviously appears to be some sort of lack of institutional control within the athletic department. And if so, Ohio State's punishment is sure to be more severe than first speculated.

In fact, the Big Ten recently confirmed that if a team is banned from the post season, (bowl games) they will be unable to play in the Big Ten Championship game. This is important because if Ohio State was hypothetically banned from a bowl game, they would be unable to win the Big Ten for at least a couple years, ending their current Big Ten Championship streak.

Welcome Back Students

As I pack up every last piece of clothing, my furniture, and make sure every utility for my apartment will be turned on, friends and family often ask about my feelings for the upcoming school year. While many assume I would be dissappointed to return to Ann Arbor and the classwork, I find myself excited for the opportunity to return to the experience of a lifetime.

Not only does Ann Arbor and the University offer incredible academics, but they also offer a vibrant city life, a beautiful campus, and incredible athletic teams and facilities. Though I come from a rural country town, Ann Arbor has become like a second home to me. It houses many of the things I'm passionate about including my education, my favorite team, and more importantly, many of my close friends.

For those of you who haven't been around Ann Arbor during late August and early September, move-in and Welcome Week is one of the most exciting times of the year for students. This is not only the first time many students walk around campus, but also the first time many students get to see their friends after roughly 4 months of separation. Often, these reuniting students spend much "quality time" together to start the school year which often includes the night scene of campus and enjoying the opening football game of the season.

The first home game of the season is always distinct, but much more for students since it is the only game of the season students and the campus can enjoy without the stress of classes and homework. With classes beginning on September 6th, (though many professors seem to ignore this date!) students often become absorbed in the academic life and long for the stress-free time period at the beginning of the year.

This is perhaps the biggest reason that returning to school is so exciting for many students. A "stress-free" reunion with friends, campus, and our football team creates a perfect atmosphere for fun and personal enjoyment. So although my life is sure to become much more stressful in the coming weeks, for now I'm looking forward to my move-in like most of the students, with a sense of foreboding and excitement. We know what stress and challenges are to come in the months ahead, but can't help but be excited for the fun and enjoyment of welcome week and the game against Western on September 3rd.

For those of you also returning to school, good luck and Go Blue!