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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chris Wormley and Kyle Kalis set to visit Michigan

Chris wormley
The recruiting boards are hot right now!! The word is Toledo Whitmer DE Chris Wormley and OSU commit Kyle Kalis are set to visit Michigan this weekend. Wow what a huge surprise! It was reported once all the turmoil at Ohio State occurred Kyle Kalis wanted to decommit but Luke Fickell talked him out of it. Kyle says he wants to check on different options. One being the University of Michigan. We might want to thank Tom Strobel for this visit since he was the one telling Kyle how great Michigan was. And as it turns out Kyle is not only friends with Tom but Chris Wormley too. I 'm thinking all three of these guys would love to play together. If Michigan could some how get these two great players to commit I would have to say it's an early Christmas present for me. I will be watching how this unfolds very carefully and keep everyone updated as soon as new info becomes available.
Kyle Kalis

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Report: Kalis says Wormley might have already settled on a college. Kyle Kalis thinks Chris Wormley is headed to Michigan. Everything is falling into place Michigan fans!! And can I say this I think Kyle is Following Chris there! GO BLUE!!!!

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