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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Come BOOM at the BIG HOUSE Mr. Pipkins!!

As many of you may know or may not. I started this blog less then 2 weeks ago and to be honest it is getting very popular. Our views are increasing everyday. The Michigan fans and faithful are wonderful. There has been so much positive feedback it's amazing. New recruits and other Michigan athletes not to mention all the die hard sports fans that are starting to follow. I am a huge fan of Twitter..... Some of what I write stems from info I have obtained through my Twitter account. With that being said I will get to the point of this post. Yesterday was a very hectic day here at Everything Michigan and More. We posted Several articles and I hope you all had a chance to read them. Anyways as I was wrapping up my night. I checked up on some of my Favorites on Twitter. One being  OnDre Pipkins


It was rumored that he may be announcing his top 5 choices. So I had to go check it out LOL. This was the tweet for those of you who have not seen it:

ondre pipkins

 Ok, I have been taught not to read to much into things but the GO BLUE tells me alot. Everyone knows how special that statement is to the faithful. Ondre being friends with Lamarr Woodley knows that all to well. So I am here today to make a prediction that Michigan may have Mr. Boom coming to play at the Big House in 2012. If that was to happen it would make my day and I'm sure alot of Michigan fans. Here is a little bit about Ondre Pipkins:

Ondre Pipkins is a 6-3, 305-pound Defensive Tackle from Kansas City (Missouri) Park Hill. He is ranked No. 149 in the country by 247Sports. Pipkins is the No. 3 recruit in Missouri and is the No. 16 Defensive Tackle in the nation. Pipkins has a 247Sports rating of 94, making him a 4-star prospect. 
  • Bench Max:385
  • Squat Max:520
  • Vertical:29 inches                                                                                                                                 
Pimpkins school offers




Kansas State


Michigan State



Northern Illinois

Ohio State


Four star defensive tackle Ondre Pipkins (Kansas City, MO) has named Michigan one of his favorites. This may seem strange for a Missouri prospect to name Michigan as a top but Pipkins actually grew up in Michigan and still has family in the area. 
I am hoping that Ondre and Lamarr are talking on a regular basis. If so I am sure they are talking about how well this class is coming together. If everything comes together the way I hope?  We just might be lucky enough to see Mr. Pipkins dropping the Boom at the Big House In the near future!!!