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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A lot of you that read this blog know me. A lot of you don't have a clue about me. I am just like you. I am a DIE HARD MICHIGAN FAN! I love everything about Ann Arbor! I love the University of Michigan, the rich tradition, history, and now I am starting to be a believer in coach Hoke. Not too bad, #2 recruiting class so far. I like a lot of you, only knew of his name from the past, but as we inch closer and closer to the start of football season I am getting anxious. the class from last years 7-5 season and bowl loss are now 1 year older, with other schools seniors gone this opens up a "who knows season". What I mean by that is there are so many who knows that it could drive you nuts. I do have faith in Michigan's ability to get to a bowl game. I am going to give it a stretch and say there is a possibility that Michigan could go 10-2, but lets be serious. What are the possibilities of Michigan going 10-2? A more realistic number would be 8-4 with a bowl win. either of those would be acceptable to me considering we have a 1st year coach, and a changed offense, and new defensive coordinator. we have a promising schedule with 2 of our toughest games at the end of the season. Nebraska at home, and welcome corn huskers to the big ten, and that team down south of us who wreaks of filth and stench. You all know who I am talking about. Nebraska will put up a great fight for a big ten title. At the end of this season could be the greatest ending in a long time for the big ten if all of the teams picked to do well do what they should do. Michigan's season will be satisfactory. I hope all of the RR fans give Hoke a chance. Some say we just didn't give RR a chance, some say he had all the chances in the world. The bottom line is Michigan is and will always be Michigan. Those who stay will be champions. Those words do mean something. Denard Robinson knows this to be true. he saw RR's worst he sees the promises that Hoke is making and so far I would say Hoke is doing leaps and bounds better than I ever thought he would. Michigan will end up in the top 3-5 in recruiting when the 2012 class is done and that alone should make all the wolverines around the world giddy as a school girl. Think about this, he was able to put #1 class together in a very short time limit. Imagine what he will be able to do in the 2013 class. We keep this up and I can assure you that Michigan will be back to where it should be "Champions of the west" Now for a few predictions. Michigan's schedule is promising as I mentioned earlier with the first 5 games at Michigan looking to be positive I see a possibility of 5-0 with the possibility of 1 loss, then at Northwestern and Michigan State. I see the potential to win both of those games. Purdue for home coming I see a win. ending with Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and that team south of us. I see a possible 1 maybe 2 losses in the mix here in the last 4 game stretch. I would like to think we can win all 4 of the last 4 games, but I don't know much about Nebraska, Iowa, and no one knows whats going to happen to that team south of us. Now on to our arch rivals. That Ohio school south of us. Lets take a look at their schedule. Akron, Toledo, Miami Fl, Colorado, and Michigan state round out the first 5 games. Realistically I can see them winning the first game easily, but run into a road block with Toledo as they are returning a BOAT LOAD of people. Toledo is coming off an 8-5 season in 2010 (7-1 MAC), including an appearance in the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl vs. FIU. The Rockets return 18 out of 22 starters, nine on offense and nine on defense. Among the returners are junior All-America wide receiver/kick returner Eric Page and four other players who earned All-MAC honors in 2010. Then comes Miami Fl who wants payback, do not overlook this game..I am looking forward to this game. Colorado, Hmmmm not sure what team will show up there. then you have Michigan state and Nebraska back to back......and the rest of the schedule. Needless to say Luke Fickell is gonna have his hands full with his first half of the schedule. I am so looking forward to this season. I feel Michigan is gonna look strong on defense and going to improve on offense, take us back to a top 15 team real quick! Lets all just hope and pray that everyone stays healthy