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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Ohio State news just keeps Coming!!!

I am a Die Hard Michigan fan but I live in Ohio. To be honest I get more news here about OSU then in the rest of the country. It is amazing to me how the media around here is willing to take down there own University. But, ok then I will roll with it. I love the sharks circling. The news is always fresh here and never gets old to me! I just sit back and smile. And think to myself ......WOW!!!  What fools! Your taking down your own team!!! And much more! Gotta love it!!! If you are a Michigan fan.
I will start today with some more turmoil involving Ohio State University. First I read several of Ohio State's athletic administrators workers are driving  courtesy cars that are provided by local car dealers, including the director of NCAA compliance. Ok I will just hit on this story for a second. I am sure other Universities allow this as well but I feel that this is not a very good practice if you want your players to follow the rules. "Practice what you preach Ohio State". This does not look good at all for Ohio State because more problems  may stem from this investigation. Talks of game tickets for cars are also spreading around the net. If this is true. The staff is no better then the players and I'm sure the truth will come out if that is the case. Bad...Bad...Bad... You can read more on this story at http://www.10tv.com/live/content/teninvestigates/stories/2011/06/16/stor...

 The next story that caught my eye was that Ohio State seems to be losing a lot of coaches lately. The latest to get out of Dodge is one of there Basketball staff. Hmmm What is really going on in Columbus?

 Brandon Miller, who has been an assistant to coach Thad Matta for six of Matta's seven seasons at Ohio State, resigned yesterday.You can read more on this story at http://www.dispatch.com/live/content/sports/stories/2011/06/16/0616-ohio..

On This story I will ask you one thing  What usually happens after a coach resigns? We will have to wait and see what this brings. But my guess is more news for me to write about! GO BLUE FOREVER!!