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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Those who stay WILL be champions

With all this whooplah going on with that school down south, TP, Colt Mccoy's wife calling Colin cowherd, USC issues, I want to blog about MICHIGAN. This fall/winter I was up in Ann Arbor working. and for those of you who do not know me, I am a Repoman. Yes I have seen the show, and yes it's exciting, but lets get down to my blog. I was up driving by the stadium at about 6 am one day after the lights were installed. the sun was just barely starting to come up and the lights were on in the stadium. there was a slightly heavy snow falling upon the field and through the sky it was like the heavens opened up and gave Michigan fans a little show. I can only attempt to describe the sight I saw, and the feelings I felt. What I saw would make any die hard Michigan fan shed a tear. It was nothing less than spectacular. Granted I saw it from the road while driving, but it just goes to show you that Michigan football is not a hobby, it is not a past time, its not a thing just to do in the fall. It is life! It is a Passion! It's something that I can not explain to a non Michigan fan, or a non college football fan. As a new blog author my choice of words is limited and will need a lot of work so for that I will apologise. I can remember the first time I went to tailgate at the golf course. I could not believe how many cars were inside that golf course. The waves of maize and blue, row after row of RV's, tents, flags flying high and proud, people playing catch, cornhole, eating and drinking. What a sight! As I walk around and say hello to my 107 thousand new friends I realize that the day is only going to get better as I haven't even made it up to my seat in the Big house. After a few hours of tailgating we made our way to our seats. As I make my way up to the entrance to the big house I begin to feel I got bad seats. I didn't take into consideration everyone was walking up to get to their seats. As I walk through the entryway I get my first glimpse of the Big house. WOW! breathtaking none the less! Michigans band is on the field, I see the jumbo tron on the far side of the field and realize there isn't a bad seat in the place. as I sit my big butt on that hot bench I start to think this is gonna be real uncomfortable for 4 quarters and a half time. As the game starts I am so involved in the game that as the end nears I realize I was never uncomfortable. Michigan won that game, and not to mention every Michigan game I have ever been to they have won! With the new coach Brady Hoke, new offense, veterans 1 year older there is a lot to look forward to. The game I am looking forward to is the Michigan Vs Notre Dame game. Scheduled for an 8 pm start it will make that game the first night game in Michigan history. As the season grows closer I feel myself getting impatient. The way all Michigan fans are probably feeling right about now with all the college football chatter going on. thank you all for reading my blog. As I mentioned I am not professional author, so please bear with me. any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at No1repoman@bex.net