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Friday, June 10, 2011

WR Darryl Stonum In trouble again!.

 Breaking news on Thursday!! WR Darryl Stonum was ticketed on Thursday for driving on a suspended license. This two weeks after his DUI.  He will be sentenced on Friday the 10th. Wow!! I don't have much to say here this has took me by surprise. I was hoping Darryl would make some serious changes in his life. Well Hoke has to make a decision here he can not allow his players to get into trouble like this. Unfortunately this may be the end of Darryl's time at Michigan it is ashame that as talented as he his he could not make better choices. I had a poll question up this week!  The question being should Darryl be allowed to play this season?  Up and till now he had the advantage slightly. I think now with the latest developments everyone's minds will change that voted for him to play. I think I was one of the biggest supporter of Stonum but now I have to say Its not worth causing a problem with team chemistry. And I feel that Darryl has left Coach Hoke no choice.