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Monday, June 13, 2011

Quick rundown of 2012

Ben Braden OL, Committed 3/24/11 Ben is an Offensive tackle is out of Rockford Michigan. He looks like a good fit on the strong side of the line.

Caleb Stacey, OL 3/26/11 Caleb is an OT that is out of Cincinnati Ohio, he will most likely be moved to guard. He is another good right side guy.

Kaleb Ringer, LB 4/12/11 will most likely fill a Middle Linebacker position, good run stopping. red-shirt

Royce Jenkins-Stone, LB 4/16/11 good middle or strong side LB, he will most likely be red-shirted. He is versatile.

Devin Funchess TE 4/22/11 fast kid, runs track, as a TE with size and speed, has a good upside. may play WR at times if not full time.

A.J. Williams, TE 4/22/11 This kid will be the T.E. his size and strength are great. Should be great blocking and receiving. may produce as a frosh.

Joe Bolden, LB 4/29/11 Outside LB, good football instincts 4.0 GPA. Reads plays well.

James Ross, LB 5/2/11 Rich Rod recruited him, Hoke Wanted him. Instincts and skill, and physical.

Mario Ojemudia, DE 5/7/11 He was made to play for Mattison. The perfect joker. Agressive, Confident, and good.

Pharaoh Brown, DE 5/7/11 big, and skilled. He could take some plays as TE. DE his first step is good. Long lanky arms are good for deflections. not a lot of time in postition, huge huge huge upside.

Matthew Godin, DT 5/12/11 This Kid has it. What is it. It is 4 year starter material. it is going to be fun watching him. only downside is a lil slow off the snap, but makes up for it.

Terry Richardson, DB, 5/19/11 he will most likely be a 2nd cover CB with Standifer as the 1. Just because the size issue. if he grows a lil he might move up to the 1.

Allen Gant, DB 5/31/11 I would say Safety is in line with this guy. he is good. He might be good enough to play as a freshman.

Anthony Standifer, DB 6/1/11 natural CB 1. Good hips, good speed, decent size, can tackle. depending on this year, could possibly be a FS, but i hold him as a CB 1.

Erik Magnuson, 6/10/11 big OT who will handle his own. good feet, needs a little more hand work, but overall could play frosh. Backside guy definitely. This guy will make QBs happy,.

Tom Strobel, DE 6/10/11 here is your opposite to Ojemudia. He should play the strong side, size, strength, and he has Good hands. could move inside, if we get another DE.