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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

USC saga ends, Ohio States just begins.

The Ohio State Buckeye Football program has to be worried right now. After USC just got hit by the NCAA (losing 10 scholarships, probation (2 year bowl ban), and the BCS removing the National Championship they won in 2004. Ohio State has to be worried about this. If they tell you they are not, they would not be telling the truth. USC got sanctioned for the Reggie Bush & OJ Mayo problems, what could possibly happen to OSU? OSU has already lost a coach, 5 players for multiple games, and this is only the beginning. Could OSU lose its National Championship? Could they forfeit seasons? Could they lose scholarships or even a program? This all has been done in the past for similar or lesser offenses. They did happen at a time where Football wasn't a multi billion dollar industry. Does money change this? The SI article forced the resignation of Jim Tressel, but is this enough to the NCAA or BCS? I mean THEE Ohio State supposedly looked into the problems, they didn't find them (Yahoo and SI found them). What does this say about the schools ability to self regulate? What should happen to OSU? Should they lose the National Championship they won? Should they lose past seasons wins, and scholarships? The answer your going to hear most often is Yes to it all.

What does it take to bring a program this low? It takes a system that has 100% failed. There is no other way to put it. USC failed to maintain its high standards, and it lost everything for something much smaller! How much does the NCAA hold for responsibility? I mean they are supposed to oversee the sports. They have failed here also. They won't get in trouble, the parent never does. They let the children fall, and act like it wasn't bad parenting. USC is going to be a hurting program, it deserves it. So what is OSU going to end up with, only time will tell, but the future of OSU football isn't bright.