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Thursday, June 30, 2011

QB Austin Appleby out of the Michigan Mix

Another QB is off the board QB Austin Appleby is now out of the Michigan mix. Austin Appleby who camped at Michigan hoping for an offer has committed to Purdue.This was one of my favorite QB's. I thought he would have a chance if Michigan did not get Gunner Kiel. Austin Committed to Purdue so we can scratch him from the board. The top QB's are starting to make there commits and I can only assume Gunner will be making his soon. Michigan still has a chance with him but at the moment I don't think Michigan is his number one. Who knows at this point if the staff is really worried about getting a QB in this class with the pick up of Shane Morris they may feel they are ok. I personally would like to snag a QB prospect in 2012 just to be on the safe side.