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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pryor is gone is he the scapegoat?

Now that Terrelle Pryor is severing his ties with THEE Ohio State University, Is he the fall guy in this whole thing? Are people going to let Ex-Coach Jim Tressel off the hook? Is he going to be blamed for the whole thing, even though the Coach and other players as far back as 2002 were doing the same thing? There are more questions by his leaving then answers we can give. Pryor is not at all innocent here. He broke way to many rules that we know he knew about. He flaunted this by driving cars after this story broke.

I would almost feel bad for TP, if he was not such an Arrogant fool. He is just a product of the system he played in. 70 other OSU players have had names tied in with some wrong doing. Why is it that the only one the OSU fans, the School, and the media only bring him up. Why not bring up the rest. In the 90s a YSU QB under Tressel got a Car and 100,000 dollars from a booster, but Tressel supposedly didn't know about that. Just like he supposedly didn't know about the tattos, the weed, the cars at OSU. TP or Toilet Paper as many friends call him, didn't do anything that Tressel hasn't let happen before. I mean even with in OSU's storied program, Maurice Clarett who Tressel claimed to have spent a lot of time with, got busted for taking money from boosters and other things. OSU did a investigation, and it was said, Tressel didn't know. I mean how can a coach not know that his star players like Clarett, Pryor, Dan Herron, Mike Adams, ect. You get the picture.

The one thing that is constant at OSU, Coaches getting let go for bad behavior. Woody for punching an opposing player, Tressel for Cheating, Cooper for having the gall to run a clean football program, but losing to Michigan, and Bruce got fired for not winning enough like Woody.

So who's to blame here THEE Ohio State Univerity? Jim Tressel? Terrelle Pryor? Gordon Gee? OSU Fans? The AD of OSU? The NCAA? the only clear answer is, how long until the next OSU coach is forced out.