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Monday, June 6, 2011

Why would a blog devoted to the great University of Michigan spend so much time talking about another school you ask? You might have come here to get away from all the hoopla surrounding OSU…to find your Go Blue safe haven. You will get that soon, I promise.

The NCAA violations that were possibly committed (innocent until proven guilty guys and gals) by OSU players and staff members not only affected their school, it affected the entire Big 10. We are in a proud conference that arguably does not always get the recognition it deserves. We sometimes feel we get overshadowed by say, the SEC. Yes, I realize many schools have had their share of scandals. Heck, Michigan is currently on probation, but none have reached as far for nearly as long as the current crisis at THEE Ohio State. It seems like every time we get an assurance that this is the end, another allegation pops up. Car key, weed and tattoo jokes being told nationwide. Well, it looks like THEE Ohio State University is finally getting some of the recognition it deserves…for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, I know I keep capitalizing THE in front of OSU. THEE is how they demand to be addressed, not the. I recall Coach Pete Carroll so mockingly called them out on it when OSU wanted to play USC but only wanted to play them at the Shoe. Carroll so famously declined the “honor”, but welcomed them to play in SoCal. The arrogance is mocked all the way across the nation! To be fair, not all OSU fans are this arrogant. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure the majority are not. It is the vocal majority that is, and since the overall majority does nothing to quell the arrogance, it gets applied to all. The same thing is happening in the Big 10 (and other conferences too). The arrogance of one team is being applied to the entire conference (SEC anyone), whether the teams deserve it or not. The same theory applies to cheating. The Big 10 could very easily become the laughing stock of the NCAA. The depth of the alleged rule breaking by THEE Ohio State University could launch probes into other conference schools. Let’s be realistic, people cheat. I am fairly confident that any school fully probed will have dirty laundry aired, no matter what conference they are in. Hmmm....that may actually be just the thing college football needs, now that I am thinking about it. The BCS feels entitled because they are allowed, the colleges are entitled to make billions off their players, and the players feel entitled to take some of that credit, illegally. Maybe a huge probe will help shake out the dead weight and help put all the teams on a more even playing field…heck, maybe even with a playoff system…yet I digress. Sadly, if there is a large probe, it very may well start with the Big 10, thanks to OSU. This is not the kind of recognition the conference wanted, nor needed. I thought it was bad when the biggest national press in the conference was the losing streak we held in the nations biggest sporting rivalry. This is so much worse. Well, get ready to bend over Big 10, I think I hear the NCAA snapping on it’s rubber gloves. This could hurt!!!

This was a work that was done by Dee and I. Dee is a person who loves Michigan, and is following this blog. Thanks for the help.