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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Michigan v OSU hockey outdoors?

If you enjoyed the Big Chill at the Big House, you might enjoy this upcoming news. The University of Michigan and Ohio State University are working on a deal to play outdoors in Cleveland. Progressive Field only holds 43,000 people which is much smaller then the Big House, so its pretty much a lock for a sell out. How would this compare to watching a outdoor game in the Big House? I am sure it wouldn’t have the same feel, but playing OSU would more then make up for it. The Big Chill at the Big House is on record for the highest attended hockey game. Michigan has played in 3 of the top 10 hockey games in attendance (The Cold War 2001 at Sparty Stadium(3rd), 2010 Camp Randall Hockey Classic at Wisconsin Badgers Stadium (7th), and of course The Big Chill at the Big House in Michigan Stadium (1st)). I as a fan would love for a 3rd straight year if an outdoor game for the Wolverines. Outdoor games are fun to watch, fun for the players, and even good to watch on TV.