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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My top 10 Prospects to finish 2012 class

Ok there has been alot of talk about how many prospects Michigan will allow to commit. Hoke apparently has been telling recruits that he expects the class to get to 26. With that in mind we have 10 spots left. Based on the way we've been recruiting and giving out offers lately. This is how I think things will boil down for the rest of the class of 2012. At the QB spot I think we will get one and that is only if  Gunner Keil or Austin Appleby want to commit. RB I would take two here Dunn is the obvious choice and Garmon. At the FB position I would say none this year. Remember still a good chance we get both Dunn and Garmon and I am sure one could convert if necessary. OL is our next position and I would take three here and they would be Jordan Diamond, Kyle Kalis and Andrus Peat. WR is up next and I would take one and that would be Dwayne Stanford. DE we have alot already but I still would take two more and they would be Chris Wormley, Adolphus Washington. DT here is where I have a problem I like two but that would put me over. So Ondre Pipkins is my choice and Danny Obrien second. If we do not get the QB we want Namely Gunner Keil I say grab Obien and call it a day. I think we are set on the safety position so I would take none there.

QB - Gunner Kiel
RB - Brionte Dunn, Greg Garmon
FB - None
OT - Jordan Diamond, Kyle Kalis, Andrus Peat
WR - Dwayne Stanford
DE - Chris Wormley, Adolphus Washington
DT: Ondre Pipkins     *Danny Obrien (only if we do not get Gunner or Austin Appleby)
S - None