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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Big 10 Hockey, soon a reality.

In 2013-14 the Big 10 will have a 6 team hockey conference. The Big 10 Teams are leaving the CCHA and the WCHA. Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State are leaving the CCHA. Minnesota and Wisconsin are leaving the WCHA. Penn State doesn't have a D-1 Hockey program, them creating a team allowed the Big 10 to make the new D-1 Hockey League. I just am wondering if they held off a year to give the other 6 schools enough time to ponder creating a hockey team. I would love to see a full Big 10 Hockey Conference.

This change will take a bit getting used to. I am not sure what will happen to the CCHA, as Michigan is by far the strongest team in the conference. The 3 teams bolting will leave the CCHA depleted. The WCHA is actually pretty strong in contenders, losing 2 programs will hurt some, but won't do much overall to the conference. It might make it stronger to some. Many people from the 2 conferences are slightly bitter, because the Big 10 is going to do this for the Big 10 network they think. Is this money or trying to make the Big 10 stronger? Does it matter? Wouldn't we as Big 10 fans rather see the people we don't like in other sports, not some other schools? I personally think that this is good for the Big 10, and its going to help out the conference