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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Why Michigan?

Everyone knows that the University of Michigan is a storied football college, what many may not know is the high standard of academics that UM has. In the world rankings, UM is tied for the 15th best institution in the world. It has the 13th best reputation. The standards used are 30% Teaching, 30% Research, 32.5 Citation, 2.5% Industry Income, 5% International Mix. (1)

If you are an athlete why would you pick Michigan? The football team has 11 national championships, and is considered the Quarterback University. Our 9 time national championship hockey program just finished 2nd in the frozen four. The first team east of the Mississippi to win the softball national championship is UM.

Michigan has produced a US President who won 2 national championships in football, Rhodes Scholars, Marshall Scholars, a Field Scholar, Nobel Prize winners, Pulitzer Prize winners, and MacArthur Foundation award winners.

Michigan alumni have gone on to do some great things. Bestselling author Brad Meltzer graduated from Michigan. The famous actor, and voice of Darth Vader, James Earl Jones is an Alumni. President Gerald Ford was a Michigan Man, as is Ryan Drummond, the voice of Sonic The Hedgehog. Ann Coulter attended UM Law School. The entire crews of the Gemini 4 and Apollo 15 were alumni. The astronauts of Apollo even started the very first chapter of an alumni association on the moon, and they left a charter plaque to prove it. Our alum reach for the stars!

UM is a member of ORAU – Oak Ridge Associated Universities (full member). It’s a collaboration of universities that promote a better education, better healthcare, safer and cleaner environment, and advances in science (2). UM is part of Public Ivy which is a term coined by Richard Moll. Public Ivy is 8 public schools that lived up to Ivy League standards. (3)

The University of Michigan is a founding member of the Association of American Universities. They are 1 of 47 Biosphere Reserves in the USA. The University of Michigan worked with IBM to create the virtual memory architectural model back in the 1960’s. The University of Michigan, Michigan State, and Wayne State University founded the Merit Network, an intercollegiate networking system for sharing information on education, government, health care, and non- profit origination. The University of Michigan is also a member of the CIC (Committee on Institutional Cooperation). This is the members of the Big 10, and University of Chicago (who was a member of the Big 10 in the past).

UM has the 4th ranked undergraduate business program, the 7th ranked undergraduate engineering program, the 8th ranked undergraduate teaching, and is ranked the 4th public school over all. (4)

The schools grad rankings are: 14th best business school, the 9th best education, 9th best engineering, 7th best law school, 20th best medical school (primary care), 10th best medical school (research), 20th best biological sciences, 16th best chemistry, 25th best clinical psychology, 13th best computer science, 9th best earth science, 12th best economics, 13th best English, 37th best fine arts, the number 1 school in Healthcare Management, 7th best in history, 5th best in library and information studies, 5th best in math, 6th best nursing, 10th best nursing-midwifery, 5th best pharmacy, 11th best physics, 4th best in political science, 3rd best in psychology, 7th best in public affairs, 4th best in public health, 2nd best in social work, 3rd best in sociology, 12th best in statistics. (4)

If you are looking for a university with high honors, then Michigan should be among your top choices. No matter what your choice is, UM has a top academic ranking.
As a potential college student, why Michigan? The University of Michigan has a top notch sports programs and is an academic powerhouse. Ann Arbor is consistently top rated city. UM has a very large and influential alumni association. Being a UM grad opens many future possibilities and we have the best helmets in sports…

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