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Sunday, June 5, 2011

So Jim Tressel guarentees a victory Nov 27th HaHa

Well I just got done reading the article http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=6626390. on ESPN college football. And I must say I think Jim Tressel has lost his mind. Did you forget you are no longer the coach of tOSu football team. Tressel states at a rally on his front doorstep that he would always be a Buckeye and that the team will beat Michigan again this November. He even has the nerve to say "
Tressel Don't forget: Nov. 26th we're going to kick their ass! 
What a joke this guy is I think instead of making silly comments and ticking off our coach Brady Hoke you should be working on your Defense for your upcoming encounter with the NCAA. Don't forget Mr. Tressel it is still to be determined what players tOSU will be allowed to field on NOV 27th. MY former high school football team the Toledo Whitmer Panthers may be a better match up than what OSU can put out on the field after the NCAA gets done with you. 

Tressel was forced to resign Monday for his role in covering up his knowledge of his players taking improper benefits from a Columbus tattoo-parlor owner.

Keep Cheering and singing in Columbus. When Nov 27th gets here you will be shocked at what your actions have caused. Thanks for adding extra fuel in this Rivalry I'm sure Brady will use it to his advantage.