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Chris Wormly dominates in highschool (Exclusive video Everything Michigan and More)

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Hello everyone my name is Scott Gromicki I am the creator and founder of Everything Michigan and More. I am from Toledo, Ohio. I graduated from Toledo Whitmer class of 1991 (Yes the same high school as Keven Koger and prospect Chris Wormley). I created this blog for all the Michigan fans that wanted to stay on top of all the Michigan news. After searching the net I just could not find a site that gave me all the information I was looking for in one place so on May 28th of 2011 I set out to create my own site. After just a couple days I realized just how much work it was to keep up on all the news so I then decided to get some help from a few friends. My first contact was with a friend who has been a Michigan fan most of his life. But I'm sure he will tell you that it has been all of his life. That would be Matt Freeman. Matt agreed to help me out. As soon as he came on board he brought in three of his friends who I have never met but I am now very close with Brett Willard, Jim Willey and Jeff Matthews. Brett loves Michigan aswell he follows most of the sports but I would say Football and Hockey are his favorites. Jim has been helping with the recruiting aspect and has contributed to many of the well known sites. eff is a huge Michigan fan and probably has the most knowledge out of the group when it comes to Michigan. Jeff worked for a local radio station here in Toledo and decided to help us out in his spare time with some of the in's and out's of creating this blog so that it is a success. This was a perfect match for what I was setting out to accomplish. My brother Jason Gromnicki has been helping with some of the video that we use such as ads and he also contributes to some of the story lines that I  and my other authors write about. And that would lead us up to our newest member Tom Beindit. Tom is our student author and one of our biggest sources of Ann Arbor information. Tom is a student at the University of Michigan and has a great passion for everything Michigan. I can be reached at scottgromnicki@yahoo.com if you would like more info. So in a Nut shell that is how Everything Michigan and More was created. I will have the guys write a little bio of themselves so that you may know a little more about them!

Brett Willard
I was born in small town near the border of OSU – U of M territory. I am a fan of many sports, and I try to keep up with as many as I can. I actively participate in fantasy baseball & football. I follow the NFL, the NHL and college football the most adamantly, but I also watch and / or follow golf, tennis, softball, college hockey, soccer, NASCAR, and on occasion a lot more.
I have proudly worn Maize and Blue since a young age, even though neither of my parents were sports fans, and most of my family roots on that team from Ohio. My devotion to Michigan athletics has not wavered, although many have tried.
While not watching sports or gathering info and stats, I enjoy reading, birding, gaming, nature walks, photography, and blogging…oh, and pizza. Can’t forget about pizza! As a matter of fact, all this introspection is making me hungry. Later
Fellow Wolverine fans!
My name is Jim Willey I am the Recruiting Analyst Everything Michigan and More. I have been asked to lend my recruiting knowledge to the blog. I am an avid football fan and for the last seven years, a die hard recruitnik. I have contributed to most big time websites and have had my opinions and evaluations used on many occasions. I watch as much film as possible and evaluate talent as I view it.........not with a conference, hype, or UM slant. I plan to bring you the best information I can gather. I am in the process of setting up interviews with our newest commits and hope to get you the juice you are looking for!

Hello my name is Jeff Matthews. I'm from Findlay, Oh. I graduated from Van Buren HS in 1986. I was on the football team for 1 year before I realized that wasnt big enough to play. I then switched to golf for my last 2 years. I actually grew up in Northern Indiana so I'm a huge college basketball fan. I also follow baseball and hockey very close. I'm not married nor do I have kids. I'm currently a firefighter/EMT-B for Riga Twp in Lenawee County. I have loved UM since I was a little kid because I hated OSU then and UM was the only team that beat them. After reading and learning more about the school and history of UM I fell in love with the University. Over the past 15 years I have become a real recruit beatnick and thats where I will bring my expertise. While in college I was a DJ on a couple of different radio stations in the area so i will also be helping with the radio and live streaming we will be doing.