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Monday, May 30, 2011

How the Ohio State scandal will effect the rest of the Big 10.

Jim Tressel, the head coach of Ohio State University, stepped down today. This is the best news for the Big 10. Maybe this will allow the news to go back to what people should be talking about. The news should be about the new addition to the Big 10, Nebraska, the new divisions, the new championship game, and its all been overshadowed by the OSU scandal. Jim Tressel is being investigated for many major infractions, which wasn’t the first time in his career that he has left an organization under scandal.

Jim Tressel, AKA Sweater Vest, has hurt the Big 10, and OSU with his actions. He had every opportunity to stand up, do the right thing, and help the kids he says he was protecting. Instead he lied to the University, the NCAA, and everyone in the nation. This may cost OSU an entire season or more depending on the NCAA’s take on this. This will not just hurt OSU, it will hurt the Big 10. OSU was supposed to be the prize of the East division. Now they may not be able to win the Big 10, play in any bowl game or more. This goes far beyond just hurting the OSU football program. It hurts every school that plays in the big 10. Jim Tressel has hurt the integrity of the whole conference. It no longer matters he won a National Championship in 2002, nor lost 2 other National Championship games. It no longer matters that OSU under Tressel beat Michigan 9 out of 10 times. It no longer matters his 106-22 record and 6-4 bowl victories. What now matters is that the Big 10 has to deal with a team that now has the perception of being a cheat.

The Big 10 had everything going great, new divisions, a conference championship, a new powerhouse member (Nebraska), and a great network deal. This is all overshadowed now by OSU, and Tressel. What promised to be a great football season is going to now be overshadowed by the scandal. OSU fans have tried to defend what can’t be defended. Tressel has disrespected the Team, the school, the Big 10, the fans, and all of college football. He has fought against the charges even as people in the school have stepped up against him. The Basketball coach, former players, and others have come out saying Tressel knew.

Being a Michigan fan, I don’t want to see OSU get the death penalty. Why, because it will harm the rivalry, the conference, and the game of college football. The sad fact of reality is that OSU deserves the Death penalty. To anyone that remembers the Youngstown State scandal, this Tressel indiscretion shouldn’t be a surprise. OSU deserves what it gets from the NCAA, and possibly more. The win at all cost fired a good coach Cooper, who ran a good clean program, why? The answer is that beating Michigan to OSU is more important then integrity, a clean sport, and what the conference needs.

OSU has gotten what they paid for. I just wish the rest of the big 10, wouldn’t have to be dragged down with them.