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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

That team south of us!

As a HUGE Michigan fan it kills me to continually blog about that team south of us. As all of you know that is the "BIG" story. I want to discuss the new Coach of the Wolverines Brady Hoke, but that can wait. We expect big things from him and it will happen, just not that fast so please be patient. Now back to what is happening now. We are learning more and more daily with the program south of us and EX Coach Jim Tressel, but does that really surprise us? I hope all of you have had an opportunity to read the SI article, if you haven't here is a link http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/magazine/05/30/jim.tressel/index.html Now I will not elaborate too much on this, I will just bring obvious conclusions on what is next to come. We all know of the 5 suspended players from that school south of us, we now know there are 9 others that will more than likely have an investigation against them, so that puts a big question mark on the season of that team south of us. We now know that that team south of us is going to investigate Pryor for multiple cars. Now that Tressel is gone that team south of us has done what it needed to do a long time ago. It wouldn't surprise me to find out that they will get scholarships cut, and a ban on bowl games. And do you know who that will hurt more than that school down south? The commitments! Those student athletes who want to come to that school south of us for football and an education. Well we know they can get an education, but now football is up in the air. Who in their right mind would want to come to a school that may not be eligable for bowl games, who would want to be tied to that program? I feel this isn't even close to being over the NCAA is investigating everything and now that team south of us is investigating Pryor as well. I think and I feel you all will agree that there is a great chance Pryor has played his last game for that team south of us. I recall wishing that Pryor would have chose the Wolverines, but now I am thankful we didn't get him. nothing but trouble! From tattoos, to fake jobs, to booster money, to marijuana, to cars, Violations after Violation, after Violation to just about anything and everything There are lots of things to blog about and you will get your fill as I feel we have 3 of the best bloggers around. feel free to contact us and ask questions. as breaking news becomes available you can catch it here from us, from our perspective. Scott has worked very hard on this blog and I know you all will appreciate it