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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ace William's updates picture to silence critic's!

 I would like to take this time to write an article on Ace William's. For those of you who do not know Ace William's he is an Sr. Writer for Chat Sports. Link posted below:                                                                http://www.chatsports.com/michigan-wolverines

He is from New York, NY. His favorite teams Yankees, Michigan Wolverines, Lakers, Detroit Michigan. Ace has just recently returned to writing on Michigan sports after being in hiatus for awhile. Ace said in a live chat interview it was because his sources dried up and now they are back! They are better then before and he will be on top of the latest inside information. Ace does not work for a pay site at this time so most of his information is released free. By him doing this he has upset several people in the process. I guess that will happen when money is involved. So most recently Ace has been spending alot of time defending himself against his critic's. They are tring to discredit him at every turn. Calling him a Fraud and what not! On Monday August 1st 2011 Ace Williams conducted a live chat with questions and answers on Chat Sports. Link provided below:

This was a time for people to get to know Ace and have any questions asked. I personally sat in on this chat as did other members of my staff. Everything Michigan and More considers Ace to be a friend to the site as we do many others. Our stance on the whole Ace drama is we will help anyone out as long as they are honest with us. It is my opinion that Ace has been honest with people and us. You can not satisfy every person out there. That is an impossible task. You will have your haters and it appears that Ace does have a few of those. He also does have his supporters. His live chat was a huge success many of the questions were delayed for at least 3 minutes because so many were being asked. 

One of the questions that was asked of Ace is if he could update his Twitter photo because some thought it to be a fake. Ace told everyone that he would and he did yesterday. But because Ace had to lock his Twitter account from information being used on other sites you may not have access. In case you don't I posted the new picture to the left. Ace admitted that the other photo was 5 years old (when he use to model). It is clearly the same person. I am happy Ace released the new photo that way I don't have to hear so many conspiracy theories . Just for the record Ace admitted in the Chat to everyone that ACE is a nickname not his real name. With everything that has went on this past week I can understand why a person would use a pen name. Many writers use pen names that should be no surprise to anyone. But there are some out there that do use that fact as fuel to try to start a fire.

I hope this article did some justice to the issue?  Ace keep up the hard work and don't get discouraged by anyone! Haters are everywhere they just don't have anything better to do with there life! GO BLUE!