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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

VP Matt Freemans Michigan season

As much as I would like to do the right thing and put down what I think Michigan will do, I am however going with my heart. Too many of my fellow staff members are going to be more realistic than I. At the end of this article you will see # 29 Marcus Ray's Welcome 2 The Big House (o$u diss) video!

Here are my picks

Week 1 WMU- W 34-13 Denard plays more pro type first game
Week 2 ND- W 24-21 late field goal
Week 3 EMU W 41-17 Denard runs crazy
Week 4 SDSU W 31-24 they come out stubborn for loss of coach
Week 5 Minn W 34-21 avg game
Week 6 NW W 44-38 Denard has fantastic game, but NW keeps it close because they are home
Week 7 MSU L 20-31 only because they are home but look for poss MI win if their hearts in it
Week 8 Purdue W 34-14 homecoming victory!
Week 9 Iowa L 20-34 at Iowa
Week 10 ILL W 44-34 ILL looks for payback and keeps it kinda close but they are still ILL
Week 11 NEB L 24-30 MI keeps it close, but Neb def too tough
Week 12 Ohio W 27-20 paybacks MI plays their hearts out pulls it off

Well Michigan fans there are my picks. I truly feel that they are capable of this outcome. We now have a great coach on offense, and defense. I am like most fans I can't wait till Saturday when Michigan takes the field against WMU.