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Friday, August 12, 2011

Mr. Ellis could break the ohio fans hearts and spirit!

Well today is the day! The NCAA is meeting in Indianapolis with the "ohio" staff in what could be a long day of testimony. And don't expect any ruling to come anytime soon. From what I am hearing the earliest it could be is 6-8 weeks before anything is ruled on.

Why would it take so long you might ask?

Scott Torgerson
Well one reason is the NCAA is never to quick to make any decision that may effect a University for any period of time. And this certainly would. And the second reason could be the NCAA is not done investigating this matter at hand. It seems that Mr. Ellis a key factor and alias to this investigation is about to come forward now. Prior to this week Mr. Ellis had no intentions on speaking to the NCAA. For what ever reason he has all of a sudden had a change of heart. Some speculate that he may want to sell photos that he has had under wraps for some time. I will post a link to the Common man & The Torg show (97.1 FM the Fan in OHIO) with Scott Torgerson. On this show Scott Torgerson a fan of "ohio" talks about this in more detail. The show  was very interesting to listen to! It appears that Scott has been in contact with Mr. Ellis for some time and can verify that pictures do exist that can add to this investigation. So much so that one picture that was sent to him he said he had to delete. Scott also stated that Mr. Ellis will be meeting with the NCAA next Wednesday.

Link to the show:

Who is attending Friday's meeting in Indianapolis with the NCAA?

The list of OSU staff members traveling to Indianapolis for the Friday meeting with the NCAA's Committee on Infractions!

President E. Gordon Gee, athletic director Gene Smith, director of compliance Doug Archie and coach Luke Fickell will lead a contingent of seven OSU staffers to Indianapolis.

OSU spokesman Jim Lynch confirmed that Tressel is expected to attend Friday's meeting. Lynch said that Tressel, who is not required to attend the meeting, will be accompanied by attorney Gene Marsh.

Rounding out the list of current OSU staffers that will be on-hand Friday are faculty athletics representative and psychology professor, Dr. John Bruno, along with Chris Culley and Julie Vanatta from the university's Office of Legal Affairs counsel.


Mr.  Shep Cooper
NCAA Director of  the Committees on Infractions
1802 Alonzo Watford Sr. Drive
Indianapolis, Indiana  46202
Dear Shep:
July 13,2011
Please  regard this letter  as  follow  up to  my  June  28,  2011,  email to  you  and  an
update on the status of  The Ohio State University infractions case.
In  that  email,  I  indicated  that  the  enforcement  staff  recently  conducted  a
conference  call  with institutional  officials  regarding the  status  of  the  continuing
investigation  and  pending  August  12,  2011,  hearing.  During  the call  with  the
institution,  it was  agreed that (1) additional issues remained for investigation,  (2)
written  responses  to  the  notice  of  allegations  were  still  due  July  5  and  (3)  we
would  reconvene  with the institution on July  11  to  determine i f  we  need to  push
back the  hearing  date.  I  also  mentioned  in  my  email  to  you  that  no  additional
allegations  had  been  made  by  the  staff.  Please  note  that  since  that  ema i l . an
amended notice  of  allegations  containing  one  additional  violation  related  to  the
first allegation was issued to the involved parties.
On  Monday,  the  enforcement  staff  conducted  another  call  with  institutional
officials  and  determined that  it is  possible to  move  forward  with the  August  12
hearing while acknowledging the additional  review is  necessary.  At this point in
the  inquiry,  the  available  evidence  does  not  warrant  additional  allegations;
however,  the  investigation  remains  open.  As  a  result,  the  staff and  institution
agreed  not to  postpone the  currently  scheduled hearing  date  of  August  12  while
we  finalize  the  investigation  of   the  remaining  open  issues.  The  institution
understands  and  agrees  that  additional  allegations  may  result  from  the  ongoing
inquiry  and that the  violations  set  forth  in the  current  notice  of  allegations  may
form the partial basis for a failure to monitor of  lack of  institutional control when
viewed in light of  any  additional violations.  The institution also understands that
i f  new violations are discovered, a second hearing may be necessary.
I also  updated  Gene Marsh,  counsel  for  Jim Tressel,  with the  above information,
and  he  indicated  his  agreement  to  moving  ahead  with  the  August  hearing  date,
with  the  note  that  he  is  not  privy  to  the  information  that  has  been  gathered
subsequent to  the issuing of  the  notice  of  allegations.  Mr.  Marsh also  stated that
he understood that the continuing investigation could potentially lead to additional
allegations involving Mr. Tressel.
Nat ional   Col legiate  Athlet ic  Associat   on
An  association  of over  1,200 members serving the  student-athlete
Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer Mr.  Shep Cooper
NCAA Committee on Infractions
July 13, 2011
Page No.2
Please  note that the  enforcement  staff and  institution are  not  requesting  the  committee to  take
any action regarding this matter but agreed that it was appropriate to provide the committee with
this information given the unique circumstances.  Please contact me with any questions.
~~  J.  Hannah
Director of  Enforcement
cc:  Mr. Gene Marsh
Mr. Chuck Smrt