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Friday, August 26, 2011

Brady Hoke Releases Depth Charts Details For 2011 Season

Though most teams with the majority of its starters returning would have little controversy on its depth chart, Michigan's 2011 roster remains distinct. Though positions such as quarterback and wide receiver may be solidified, many other positions have no clear leader and several competing athletes.

The Detroit Free Press reported that Brady Hoke released several details regarding the depth chart today. Here are some of the releases:

  • Thomas Gordon will start at safety alongside Kovacs
  • Woolfolk will start at corner-back, but the other corner-back position is still undetermined
  • The WILL LB position is not determined. Mike Jones, Desmond Morgan, and Hawthorne will compete for this spot.
  • Matt Wile will play for kickoffs and will punt (at least for the first 4 games as Will Hagerup was suspended, detailed in this post: 2011 Suspensions)
  • No set field goal kicker at this point. (See exclusive kicking practice here: 2011 Michigan Kicking Practice)
  • Jeremy Gallon and Drew Dileo will return punts
  • Jeremy Gallon and Vincent Smith will return kickoffs
Though most of these announcements were expected, several of them are a little surprising, including Gordon starting at safety. Also, the failure to secure a starting placekicker remains a concern for the season opener against Western Michigan.

Let's hope this is settled in the coming week and that the controversy is not due to a lack of good candidates, but too many!