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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We Have A Starter....Maybe...

In the past few days, Brady Hoke and the Michigan staff have revealed almost all of the depth chart. Some of the positions had already been solidified weeks ago, but others remained a mystery, such as corner back (Troy Woolfolk already was confirmed as a starter), the defensive line, place-kicker and most notably, running back.

With Ann Arbor.com's newest depth chart, everyone thought that almost everything had been set. However, reports have surfaced today from both the Detroit Free Press and tweeter mspeedkills that Fitz Toussaint has been receiving the first snaps during practice. This comes as a surprise since just days ago Michael Shaw seemed to have the starting running back position locked up.

This seems to show that media predictions don't always show the real events of training camp and practice. Shaw may appear to be the most capable back, but Hoke and Borges have obviously not settled on one guy and Toussaint must be doing some impressive things for them to keep him in the running for the starting position.

The Detroit Free Press has also reported, much to the shock of the public, that J.T. Floyd may actually start at cornerback. Many from the media and other groups had made it seem as if Avery was a sure lock for the position, but obviously this has not been confirmed either.

The positions that do appear "locked up" at this point seem to be the defensive line and place-kicker. From the statements from the coaching staff and media reports, it appears that Roh, Black, Martin, and Van Bergen will be on the line. This is discouraging for Will Campbell, a former 5 star recruit who is a junior at Michigan.

Matt Wile appears to be locked in for punting and kickoff duties, but it looks like Brendan Gibbons will be attempting any place kicks. Though I am not excited for Gibbons to return as the starting kicker for Michigan, you can clearly see in our exclusive kicking practice video that Gibbons has become much better.