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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Marcus Ray Posts Ohio Diss on Youtube!

No one is safe in this song. Ray disses pretty much the entire Big Ten (excluding Nebraska for obvious reasons).  But the best of them all comes at the last few bars of the song:

I take pride when I bury Grey Guys
And I'm the real reason Cooper got hired
Ya'll lucky I wasn't there when Tressel got hired!

And boy is this true! Marcus Ray had a knack of DESTROYING Ohio receivers back in the day, he also destroys Ohio presently with this song.

You can purchase Marcus' single on iTunes here, and embedded below is the video Marcus posted on YouTube today with the lyrics to his song.

Go Blue!

You can also support Marcus by purchasing his book, Rays of Light, Vol. 1: "Let There Be Light", here. All copies are personally autographed by Ray. Also, look for his other book titled 1997: Making Of A Champion coming soon! Details on his career with the Wolverines and other contributions are also highlighted in this blog post by Matt Freeman.