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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Michigan Football Preview - Big Ten Network

Tomorrow night, the Big Ten Networks's preseason tour rolls through Ann Arbor and will be analyzing the Wolverines and their chances for the 2011 season. The broadcast will begin @ 8pm and runs a half hour.

The show includes former Big Ten coaches and interviews with Wolverine coaches and players. From a tweet by Gerry DiNardo, or @gerrydinardo, Denard Robinson should be interviewed about how he feels about the new offensive scheme, coaching transition, and the upcoming season.

Though some feel the broadcasters are "mellow" and "bland," there is sure to be some live practice footage and interviews with current players and the coaching staff, so I don't see much to complain about. It isn't often that national television devotes an entire broadcast to Michigan's 2011 season.

So remember to get home to watch the broadcast and hopefully view some interesting commentary, interviews, and practice footage. If nothing else, the broadcast provides a nice transition from summer to football season.

Let's hope they have positive comments!