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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Buckeye's whistleblower about to check in!

  As I reported in last weeks article : "Mr. Ellis could break  "ohio" fans hearts" link below : 
This week the NCAA could have more ammo to use against "ohio"? On Thursday August 18th  Michael Ellis is to produce his famous pictures and have private talks with the NCAA! Ellis was one of the key sources George Dohrmann used in his S.I. article to break the "ohio" story. It is also being reported that Mr. Ellis will  bring someone else to the meetings to back his allegations up! 
With the story breaking on Miami University yesterday on yahoo sports the NCAA could be very busy in the coming months? link below:
"Ohio" was informed that investigations were ongoing and that there could be a chance of new charges being brought to the table. This may be the reason for the ongoing investigation? The NCAA was informed sometime before the August 12th meeting in Indianapolis that Mr. Ellis had more information to provide. Prior to this week Mr. Ellis had no intentions to speak with the NCAA. But as negotiations fizzled out with the sale of his pictures to media outlets he decided to speak with the NCAA. This is obviously attempt on his part to wrap this saga up. In  tweets this was mentioned.  Please read the following Tweets by Scott Torgerson below! He is a radio DJ in Ohio that has been reporting on this story and has access to Mr. Ellis. He is on the Common Man & The Torg show 97.1 the Fan.
link below:

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