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Friday, August 5, 2011

College Gameday Is Coming To The BIG HOUSE!!!

ESPN has confirmed that ESPN College Gameday is coming to Ann Arbor. They will be there prior to the inaugural night game between UM and Notre Dame. The location of the set will be announced later. The show airs from 10am til noon on Saturday Sept. 10. According to Mgoblue.com this is the 10th time Gameday has been to the Big House. The Wolverines have a record of 7-2 in those games. As most of you know our very own Desmond Howard is one of the analysts on the show. When asked about Gameday coming to Ann Arbor he said "This is exciting to be able to have GameDay at Michigan's first night game. This is what a lot of people have been hoping for. It's historic and the only thing that would have been better for me was if I was playing in the first night game. This is going to be as exciting as it gets during the regular season." I have to agree with that statement. I cant imagine it being any better than that! Hope to see you there but if you cant make it ESPN will carry the game live that evening with kickoff scheduled at 8pm EST.