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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Everything Michigan and More breaks daily record in views!

I would Just like to say  " Thank You"   to everyone for supporting our site! Today was a record day in total views. We broke 1,100 views today.  We are a brand new site and to have so much support this early is a great thing! I know we have many things to improve on and that is our goal everyday! As some of you may know one of our biggest goals is to create our own forum. With everyone's support I can see that happening very soon. We love all our Michigan fans and that is why we do it! Today was very special because not only did we break our record. Michigan football player Chris Barnett used one of our fan day pictures for his profile pic on facebook. I thought that was very cool and that also was a highlight for me. Thanks again everyone for checking us out and GOBLUE forever!  Thanks again Chris for your support!