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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nebraska has a lot to lose to MLB. Might be good news for the rest of the Big 10.

Today was the Major League Baseball Draft. I am going to be profiling the top 3 High School Players taken. Dylan Bundy, Archie Bradly, and Bubba Sterling. Dylan Bundy & Bubba Sterling signed an intent to Nebraska so this could affect the Big 10 in both Football and Baseball (which they were going to play both sports). Sterling was a 4 star football recruit and also the top non pitcher in baseball. Bradly was a commit to Oklahoma, while not in the big 10, he was a 2 sport commit also, baseball and football. This could have had/still can have an affect on the College World Series.

Dylan Bundy of Owasso (Okla.) High, signed a national letter of intent for Nebraska to play QB for the Cornhuskers and also to pitch for them. This might hit a snag as he just was drafted 4th overall by the Baltimore Orioles. Bundy was a 3 star recruit for Football, a 6'1 220lbs QB. He had just won the Gatorade National Player of the Year award for baseball. He throws on average of 95 MPH, and hits up to 98MPH. He is joining his brother in the Orioles organization, Bobby Bundy was drafted in the 8th round in 2008

Derek "Bubba" Sterling of Gardner (Kan.) Gardner-Edgerton, was picked right behind Dylan Bundy at number 5 by the Kansas City Royals. As a native of Kansas, this will give some doubt to his going to college. He is a 4 star Athlete at 6'5" and 193 pounds. He is not listed at a Position, just Athlete. As his baseball listing only list him as athlete also, its pretty obvious this kid has skills all over. He rushed for 31 tds 2400 yards, batted around 500, and homered every 6 at bats. Scott Boras is his agent, and he is expected to get a $5 million dollar offer. Bubba doesn't know if he is going to take the money, as he had a dream of playing football for Nebraska.

Archie Bradly of Broken Arrow (Okla.) High, was picked by the Arizona Diamondbacks 7th overall. This 6'4 225lbs pitcher/QB was a 3 star football recruit. He was 12-1 with 3 earned runs in 71 + innings this year, he also struck out 133. His Fastball peaks at the 100 mph range, and his curve as slow as 82 mph. He was picked to compete in the elite 11 for HS QBs.