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Friday, June 24, 2011

How does the OSU scandal affect the UM recruiting?

We, the Maize and Blue, have seen some interest from players who have previously been potential OSU recruits. Many of those are afraid to commit to a team that has a very real possibility to not have post season play for several years. As much as OSU has tried to spin things to make it look like they didn’t break laws, the legality of their actions are not in question at the moment, we are only discussing the NCAA rules. High school recruits know this, and now they are looking other places. UM has picked up interest from people who have said OSU was the top choice (prior to the scandals). Brady Hoke, who is in his first year of coaching our beloved Wolverines, has had much success with talking to the high school kids. The reason for this are; Michigan’s high academics, Michigan’s winning tradition, and having Mattison ( ex NFL coach) come aboard doesn’t hurt either. Hoke does not have to bash OSU or any other program as some have claimed, all he has to do is stick to facts. The facts are UM has a great recruiting class, he has worked on our weakness (defense), and he doesn’t bash. Hoke really does care about kids. How do I know, simple logic. Erik Magnuson followed him from California.

I have heard rumblings that Hoke is bashing OSU. I would like to hear this supposedly negative stuff Hoke is saying? Sports Illustrated is doing a lot to attack the Buckeyes, but where is the Hoke saying negative stuff coming from? The only people I hear saying anything are bitter OSU fans who haven't been able to take the reality that OSU has been breaking NCAA rules from 2002. The SI article, and the many that have followed, have never mentioned anything bad being said by any UM coach. Many fans of many universities have said things about OSU, including Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State, and as far away as Arkansas. So to say that UM is negatively recruiting is both wrong and a cop out. Was Wisconsin negatively recruiting when OL Kyle Dodson committed to them, or Nebraska when they took DE Greg McMullen?

Why when a school gets caught doing something bad, they are in denial? Why can’t your team mess up? The fact is that OSU did something so bad, that a high school student can tell that it’s a major issue. Why do OSU fans not get what a high school student knows? I don’t know how to make people in denial face reality. I wish I could. Couldn’t the kids be turned off by the cover up, the lies, and the fact that they are looking for leadership? If you feel you can’t get it, wouldn’t you look someplace else? The kids are choosing to leave on the actions and words of OSU and its people in charge.

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