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Friday, June 3, 2011

It appears that Wayne Morgan and Michigan are no more!!

After Reading several articles it appears that Wayne Morgan and the University Of Michigan have parted ways. It is not clear If Morgan made this decision or the Michigan coaching staff? On Thursday Wayne Morgan visited the University and everyone's hope was he could possibly be the 15th commit. But instead things broke down for the two groups. It was later learned that Wayne was the silent commit everyone was talking about lately. Wow this was the first bump in the road. As I have been posting for a while Michigan's 2012 class is filling up fast and some may be left out. Morgan may be the first casualty of this. On MGOBLOG Nosce Te Ipusm posted the following:
" Just got a text from a friend with a Scout membership and was informed that Michigan and Wayne Morgan have parted ways. He was the silent commit as well. It sounds like Jarrod Wilson is who the staff is after now to fill that last DB slot. These guys don't mess around"
Many are speculating with the addition of Anthony Standifer that this could of played a roll in this outcome.  Early bird gets the worm on this one. This should make all the other recruits think twice about delaying there commitment. I guess there was no need for another CB at Michigan when they already had two. All the same we wish Wayne the very best and hope he Finds a new home soon. Just for the record I am a little disappointed on this cause I know Wayne loved Michigan and I'm sure he wishes things could of been different!