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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Michigan is poised to turn the kicking game 100% around

I am like most Michigan fans and that our kicking game from last year scared the hell out of me. How many close games could Michigan of won if they only had a kicker? My guess is at least two or three. How many things did i break as a kick went wide right or left? Well two many to count,and I'm not proud to admit that. Michigan's kicking game sent my blood pressure to some of the highest points in my life. And after I went to the Michigan game this Spring I felt those feeling from last year coming back. I now realize why I made so many trips to the bathroom during the 1 hour game and I was not even drinking. Michigan's kicking game just flat out sucks. Are we gonna go through the same old thing this year? Hell no! After doing some research I found out that Michigan has an incoming freshman that may take the field his first year. Matt Wile is on his way Michigan fans and he has a hell of a leg. I was very impressed when I watched his highlights on Youtube. Here is a link if you would like to check him out http://youtu.be/acD2QxoVrUQ Matt is from San Diego, Ca And went to Francis Parker High School. He 6'1" 200lbs.
Matt is an athletic kicker/punter who is also solid in coverage. Matt has made multiple tackles in coverage. He has a field goal approach that is repeatable. The ball jumps off his foot and he has a smooth rhythm.

I think Michigan fans will be very impressed with Matt. I also think alot will be said about his ability to change things around immediately. Can't wait for Matt to put his work in at the Big House in 2011 I