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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Everything Michigan and More Chat Session October 13 @ 8:30PM ET

To all of you who have frequently read the blog, Twitter followers, or 'liked' us on Facebook, here's the big chance to get involved!

Starting next Thursday, October 13th @ 8:30pm - 9:30pm ET, Everything Michigan and More will be having our first Twitter "chat" session.

Now, you may ask, what's a Twitter "chat" session?

A Twitter "chat" session is essentially where we, the writers on Everything Michigan and More, will be answering questions, giving predictions, or simply holding Michigan related conversations.

You may also ask, how do I communicate on Twitter with the writers and what will we be talking about?

The simplest way to communicate with the writers during this "chat" session will simply be to send a tweet to the official Everything Michigan and More twitter or use our special hashtag:

Tweet This To Be In Our Chat Session:


This will allow us be able to see your tweets and respond asap!

Now, you may be wondering what's special about the chat session. Well, aside from the chance to simply have a Michigan-related conversation on a Tuesday night (which can be a lot more uncommon than you think), all our writers will be available to respond to any questions, thoughts, or interesting topics. Topics include the Michigan game v. Northwestern, the upcoming battle with Sparty, and football recruiting. Plus, we will be having several guest appearances:

Guests Appearances:

Marcus Ray
Former Michigan Free Safety (1994-1998) -
Member of the 1997 National Championship Team
All-Big Ten Player
Played on the Oakland Raiders

@MZoneBlog - Founder of the MZone - Michigan Football Blog
@MGoFish - Editor of MGoFish - Michigan Football and Detroit Spots Blog
(More Announcements in Coming Week)

So, make sure you send a tweet on Tuesday night @ 8:30pm ET to get involved in the action! Also, you can follow our official Twitter: here to get the best Michigan info on the web!