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Friday, July 29, 2011

Big House BBQ this weekend!!

As you may know the Big House BBQ is this weekend. Brady Hoke is continuing the tradition on Sunday July 31st. This is an invite only event and no media should be present! Below is a list of the confirmed visitors.

Uncommitted Targets
  • Bri’onte Dunn RB
  • Monty Madaris WR
  • Chris Wormley DE
  • Danny O’Brien DT
  • Jehu Chesson WR
  • Ondre Pipkins DT
  • Sheldon Day DT
WR Aaron Burbridge  also said he was coming but with the latest announcement to commit at MSU I would say this is very unlikely!

  • Wyatt Shallman – RB
  • Jonny Reschke – RB
  • Steve Elmer – OL
  • Joe Bolden – LB 
  • Ben Braden - OL
  • Devin Funchess - TE
  • Allen Gant - S
  • Matt Godin - DE/DT
  • Royce Jenkins-Stone - LB
  • Kyle Kalis - OL
  • Mario Ojemudia - DE/LB
  • James Ross - LB
  • Terry Richardson - CB
  • Kaleb Ringer – LB
  • Caleb Stacey – OL
  • Tom Strobel - DE
  • Shane Morris – QB
  • Jeremy Clark – S
 There is also a good chance 2013 RB prospect Dymonte Thomas will also be attending

The barbecue's laid-back atmosphere it allows prospects to talk with U-M coaches under less formal circumstances.They will have a chance to meet other commits/prospects while at the same time get a small taste of the Michigan  football love. 

Past barbecue's featured chicken, burgers and hot dogs. If this years event is like past events due to NCAA rules, Michigan will have to charge the recruits/prospects and their families for the meal.

A couple of the prospects to be on commit watch this weekend are Chris Wormley and Ondre Pipkins I have a very good feeling about these two!

Everyone have a great time and Go Blue!