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Friday, July 8, 2011

OSU Self Sanctions Over Cheating!

OSU has self imposed its “Storied” Football program with losses for all 12 of its games in 2010 including the Bowl Game. This is a huge blow to the OSU program. This is the first step in THEE Ohio State Football team self regulating itself so the NCAA doesn’t step in. The University says its making a vast effort to improve its self monitoring of student athletes and compliance departments. The program is doing this before it meets with the NCAA on August 12th. Under Coach Jim Tressel many wins happened, and now we know many recruiting violations happened. Tressel who resigned as head coach earlier this year played many ineligible players, which the school has acknowledged with this action. OSU has not self imposed any scholarships with this self imposed penalty. They feel that the loss of 12 games, and suspension for 5 games of the players is enough. OSU has stated that only Coach Tressel knew of the violations that happened, and he solely is to blame for not informing them or the NCAA.

So now that THEE Ohio State University has admitted that it cheated and played ineligible players for every game last year which includes the bowl game, they have to realize that the SI story might have nailed them for even more. I would think that this being the 2nd time in 5 years that THEE Ohio State University has been nailed for Major violations of NCAA Rules that the NCAA will do something more then what OSU self regulated. The fact that OSU didn’t remove scholarships will not help the case (this writer’s opinion here). I mean look at what happened to USC with less proof? Does Ohio State think that the NCAA will give it a free pass for the rest of the violations it has done? I honestly think OSU is doing this to try to stop more recruits from bolting to other programs. They have lost plenty of top players that were looking to commit to OSU.

To all the Ohio State fans who have been trying to live in a delusional state, your team cheated. Your school knows it cheated, and OSU didn’t beat Michigan last year. The W now is in the books for Michigan. It may not be how I want to win, but I will definitely take this, so I can rub your noses in it. I just now can’t wait until the 12th of August so I can play audio of OSU officials admitting that it cheated. It will actually feel good knowing that you have to eat crow. I don’t expect OSU fans to acknowledge or admit they were wrong, The NCAA doesn’t have to accept these self imposed penalties at all, or they can, we won’t know until the NCAA is finished. The NCAA has no consistency in how it does things. I think personally that they will hit OSU with 2 years all wins vacated, 10 scholarships for 3 years, and no bowl games for 3 years. That is if the NCAA follows what it set with Miami University and Alabama and USC in the past. This doesn’t mean it will do this. I don’t want OSU to get the death Penalty because that would hurt the Big 10, and Michigan directly, but I want them to get busted hard for what they did. Just to shut the fans up.