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Friday, July 8, 2011

Rich Rod gets a win from Tressel.

Today Friday July 8th 2011, Ex head coach Rich Rod gets win versus OSU. He got this win for the 2010 Michigan – OSU game after he lost his job for not beating OSU. This is ironic in many ways. It also happened on the same Day Rich Rod got busted for actions at WVU, so it’s a bittersweet day. He can now wave his finger at Tressel and say, I won versus you the last time we met. We both got fired and your record versus me is going backwards. In the 3 years we played, you only beat me 2 times now. With the NCAA looking into more problems I may in the end win all 3. That would be a slap to the face of Tressel who made it known he was 9-1 when he left OSU. Well now that he left, its 8-2, and it could very well fall back to 7-3 or 6-4 or even 5-5. This would really kick the pig if when this whole thing is said and done that Rich Rod never lost to Tressel. What would the OSU fans say then?

I have been told it was a pipe dream when I said that OSU would have to vacate wins. I was told OSU didn’t cheat, didn’t do anything wrong, and Tressel was the greatest thing sense Woody. Well Woody got fired also, but at least he never had to vacate wins. So maybe Tressel will live high on the horse in Ohio State fans memory, but his win totals are falling by the wayside. With the 12 losses now, OSU will fall behind Penn State for most wins all time in football. OSU will also fall behind Oklahoma for highest winning percentage in college football. Now that has to sting your pride. Now that is only with self imposed losses, the NCAA can take more wins away, which would possibly put them farther back on the winning road. Which I do have to say number 1 in both categories is Michigan with 877 wins and a 736 winning percentage. OSU fans, you can always dream of being the best, but you are not Michigan Fans..

If you cheat to win, you didn't win in the first place, so it is just returning what you stole. So don't think your handing something you earned back, it isn't like that.