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Chris Wormly dominates in highschool (Exclusive video Everything Michigan and More)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wormley commits to Michigan!

Chris Wormley from Toledo,Whitmer and my hometown just committed to Michigan! And I am so happy, I have the pleasure of watching him play on friday nights and I would like to tell everyone Chris will be a huge player in the future of Michigan football. Every game that I have had the pleasure of seeing was a Wormley highlight reel in the making. He is very exciting to watch and to those of you that don't know about Chris you're going to soon find out! Toledo Whitmer will be in the news a lot this season! He is the heart of the defense and is a monster on the field. I know some of the Ohio fans are mad now! They thought Chris was a lock for them! I knew better but I let them talk! Well sorry about your luck guys! Congratulations Chris! Go Blue!